A quarter of Russians in 2016, acquired an additional TV content

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Last year the additional packages from pay TV operators gained only 24% of Russians, and service video on demand — 17%, according to a survey conducted by iKS-Consulting

Online cinema and the services VOD (Video-on-Demand, VoD) yet are quite specific and limited audiences. The demand is still niche and has little impact on the development of national television. To such conclusion analytical company iKS-Consulting, analyzing the results of a survey conducted in October 2016 (the results have RBC; sample more than 2 thousand people; all Federal district).

As found by iKS-Consulting, 22,1% of respondents never watched TV, because “not positioned cable TV paid service”. The VoD or online cinemas were used by 17% of respondents. On average, they spent about 400 rubles.per month.

According to the authors of the study, in Russia, “originally, historically “cheap pay TV”. “Most people think that cable TV or even IPTV is provided to them free of charge, — explains the representative of iKS-Consulting. — On average, respondents watched a movie in a week. At this frequency we are talking about the amount of approximately RUB 1 thousand per month. In their opinion, it is not profitable, and yet have more weight to illegal resources.”

Most users prefer to watch videos free on resources that operate on an advertising model.

According to General Director of online cinema TVzavr Marina Shurygina, the percentage paying for VoD users depends on which device they use. “On the desktop, where piracy is rampant, less than 1% of users pay for video content; mobile devices and Smart — about 15-20%,” — said Shurigina. Another important factor is the freshness of the product. For legal viewing of the film, which was released in theaters, willing to pay 69,3% of respondents, a week after the release of 64.5 per cent, a month is 46%.

Slightly better situation with the sale of additional packages of operators of paid TV: 24% of respondents said that they acquired. However, one of participants of the market considers this figure too high. “24% is the cosmic number. The average penetration rate, depending on the theme package does not exceed 10%,” — said Elena Yachmennikova, development Director of the group “Orion” (the operator of satellite TV).

The representative of the company “Ayr-a Telecom” (renders services to pay TV and Internet access under the brand “Dagi”) Nino Donadze noted that generally, customers choose from two services or thematic packages of channels or VoD. According to her, these services are aimed at different user groups. Thematic packages — it is, in fact, the usual linear TV, so the penetration rate of services is high. Paid VoD is not so popular, it can be connected only through an interactive TV set-top box. “In our network theme packs are connected in 25% of the customers digital TV, pay VoD about 5%, both figures are growing rapidly. According to our estimates, the market average these figures are 15-20 and 8-10% respectively”, — told RBC Donadze.

Total at the end of 2016 with a pay TV used 41,2 million households, which is 4.9% more than in 2015, estimated by iKS-Consulting. But the market growth rate decreased at the end of 2015 the number of subscribers increased by 5.5% year-on-year.

The market volume grew by 8.7% to 73,2 billion At the end of 2015, the increase was 9.9%.

Estimates of the number of subscribers is taken by per iKS-Consulting, in line with other estimates of the analytical company “TMT Consulting”, but the latter has estimated the volume of the market slightly higher, at 73.7 billion rubles.

The largest Russian pay-TV operators by number of subscribers, according to iKS-Consulting, in 2016 was the national satellite company (brand “Tricolor TV”, 29%), “Rostelecom” (23%), ER-Telecom (7%), “Orion Express” (7%) and MTS (7%). They received 53% of revenues in this market.

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