Acer called the Russian price for a virtual reality helmet

Taiwanese Corporation Acer enters to the consumer market VR devices. Together with Microsoft, the company at the presentation in new York showed off its virtual reality helmet Acer Mixed Reality. As told RBC, the President of Acer in EMEA (Europe, middle East, Africa), Emmanuel Fromont, in Russia, sales start in September-October 2017.

As explained in the Russian office of Acer, the approximate cost of the device in Russia will amount to 19990 RUB. (price may vary depending on exchange rates).

Fromont said the company aims to actively develop for the VR market. In particular, he said that the company has a Department of research and development dedicated to the VR direction.

“We appreciate the prospects of the VR market in Russia. Here we occupy about 20% of the market of personal computers. We have the Predator line of gaming laptops has already been prepared for the VR infrastructure, and its sales are going well. We expect that will be the first who will start to put the helmet of Microsoft in Russia,” said Fromont.

The market of virtual reality

According to Goldman Sachs, the global market for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in 2025 will reach $80 billion (now, by expert estimations, does not exceed $1 billion). World’s leading manufacturers of VR helmets/glasses: Facebook Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, Gear VR, Google, HTC, Vive, RSVR Sony, Vuzix iWear, UR Union Claire.

In Russia to start production of helmets trying Novosibirsk company VR CORP and Krasnoyarsk company VR device, and the Ufa company Finch has developed a VR controller for the fingers to make gestures to control the game characters. The company MEL Science develops a series of VR-classes for students in October, the company raised $2.5 million from a venture Fund “Sistema”.

VR helmets are of two types: a console to a PC or gaming console or gadget through a special lens which you can see the image broadcast by the smartphone. Simple holder for smartphone can be found for 500 rubles, and the cost of advanced VR-helmets comes to 100 thousand rubles.

The world’s leading manufacturers of games for VR: Sony, Ubisoft, CCP Games, Oculus Story Studio, Tammeka Games, Pixel Titans, Capcom. The main producers of VR gaming: “Fibrum”, Nival, Mail.Ru. The cost of VR gaming — from 100 roubles to 2 thousand.


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