Airborne Russia appeared in the “reference” podrazdeleniya

In the Russian airborne troops (VDV) was formed by a few “shock” units. According to the commander of the airborne forces, Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov, they are “reference”

In Russian there are several units that have a status of “shock”. This was announced commander of airborne troops Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov, “Interfax”

“At its core it is a reference unit not only for its completeness and availability of modern weaponry, but with better indicators of personnel training”, — said Serdyukov. He noted that “this high parameters,” to date, in the Pskov connection “corresponds to one of the regimental tactical group and one battalion-size tactical group”.

By words the General-the Colonel, in the Navy there are still a few battalion and several company tactical groups and intelligence units corresponding to the status of “shock”. He stressed that the airborne troops “consistently developing” as “the basis of forces of fast reaction”. In the future they will be equipped with the light airborne equipment and weapons, “superior on all counts to their foreign counterparts”.

Shpak stressed that the flow of “promising new technology” requires “constant adjustment of the educational process” in order to “effectively” use it in combat training.

A senior source in the defense Ministry told “Kommersant” that the Agency plans to increase spending on the development of airborne and Ground forces. In the state armament programme (GPV) on 2018-2025 on General-purpose forces will be allocated up to 25% of the funds, said the source. According to him, the money will be used to purchase military air defense systems, tanks T-90 and T-14 “Armata” armored infantry “kurganets-25” armored personnel carriers “boomerang”. The source also said that the defense Ministry will try to adapt the weapons for Arctic conditions. Forces want to equip anti-aircraft missile system s-300V4 and anti-aircraft missile complex “tor-M2” was added.

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