All taxis in Moscow ordered from 1 April to report on the movements

Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov / TASS

From 1 April all capital carriers, including aggregators of taxis and taxi companies will be required to report on the location of cars in real time. This measure is aimed at the safety of passengers, it is believed the Department of transport

From 1 April all mobile aggregators taxi dispatch services and taxi companies providing services in Moscow will be required to report on the location of their drivers, told RBC representative of the Department of transport in the capital. In addition, the company must provide to the Department data on licenses and license plates of cars, on which the carriage of passengers. The corresponding order was signed by the Deputy mayor of Moscow for transport issues Maxim Liksutov.

As said the representative of the DMV, a number of companies already provide these data in the framework of previously concluded agreements. “Among them in 2015 — “city.Mobile” and “Yandex.Taxi”, 2016 — “Lucky” (brand RuTaxi — approx. RBC) and “2412”. Taxi aggregators Gett and Uber also transmit statistical information on its work in 2016″, — said the interlocutor of RBC. Therefore, the decision of the government will be obliged to fulfill the same requirements and other market participants.

It is expected that this information will be systematized and aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers in emergency situations. For example, the data can be provided upon individual request to the interior Ministry of Russia. Also, according to the government, the information collected will help to better organize the city’s road infrastructure: to build more taxi stands and better monitor the activities of carriers — whether they work with legal drivers or not.

Under the regulations of information interaction of dispatching services order taxi with a Single regional navigation and information system of the city, the company will provide all of the exact coordinates of the location of cars (GPS or GLONASS) and their speed. Data will be collected with ATT (subscriber telematic terminal device with access to the Internet) and other on-Board equipment installed on the vehicle, in real-time (not less than once in 20 seconds).

In addition, all transmitted data will be public and can be played in any media over the Internet or any other media “without any restrictions on volume and time of publication”, stated in the schedule. This item is particularly alarmed market participants, as, in their opinion, disclosure of such information may be considered disclosing commercial secrets, wrote “Vedomosti”.

In January 2017 at a government meeting the head of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov reported to mayor Sergei Sobyanin that is preparing a draft government decree that obliges dispatching taxi service to transmit the data.

As reported by RBC representative of the taxi company “Maxim” (among the three largest Russian taxi services), they have received a request from the Department of transport. “We are working out technical issues. For example, in addition to the coordinates of the driver is required to pass more current speed and vector direction, — explained in the company. To us, this information was not needed, so we don’t have it. Get her a GPS sensor is easy, but will require completion of the driver’s application. You will also need to develop the integration module, which will transmit data”.

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