Almost all the engines of the second and third stage of “Proton” have found a marriage

Photo: Sergey Kozak / TASS

Almost all engines for the second and third stages of the carrier rockets “proton” was discovered defects, said the General Director of “Energomash”. In January, Roskosmos recalled all these engines

Voronezh mechanical plant (VMZ) enumerates 71 defective engine, that is, “almost the entire groundwork for the second and third steps” for carrier rockets “proton-M”, said in an interview to “RIA Novosti”, the General Director of NPO “Energomash” Igor Arbuzov.

According to Arbuzov, the work schedule has already been signed. A considerable part of them, he added, will happen in 2017. The first deliveries of engines with fixed defects will begin in may of this year.

The head of the Energomash noted that all defects in the engines had been associated with the use of technology not covered by solder during soldering of the injector heads. He noted that they appeared after the fire tests.

According to Arbuzov, violated rules of storage of the solder, and the control of movement of materials in the enterprise in the production process were insufficient. However, he noted that the company was revealed to be missing the party of one of the brands of solder. “A group of friends together and signed the documents and did not penetrate, where the charged solder desired brand,” — said Arbuzov. According to him, “all this was clear even in 2015.” He stressed that it was already possible then to prevent the emergence of problems on engines made after this period. However, “negligent attitude to their work at the plant” allowed “to go very far” and damaged engines continued to mass produce in 2015 and 2016.

In January of this year, “Roscomos” withdrew all the engines of the second and third stages of the carrier rockets “proton-M”. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, during testing of one of the liquid engines of the second stage issues. It turned out that when the Assembly is of materials using precious metals used “illiquid components,” which were less heat resistant.

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Later it became known that the production engine of the second stage of the carrier rocket “proton-M” was used a solder that does not match the design documentation. In Roscosmos said that instead of “regular” solder has been applied “a different, more expensive solders with the content of precious metal”.

After the revocation of the engines “Roscosmos” has started a total quality assurance of products manufactured by the enterprises of the industry. It is with this in Corporation linked delayed launches of carrier rockets “proton”.

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