Apple opens first service center in Russia

Photo: Ben Margot / AP

Apple will open in Russia’s first authorized service center with a full cycle service. This decision was the result of the semi-judicial and Antimonopoly proceedings, initiated by the Russian user

Plans Apple opens the first full service center, said the company representative during the meeting in Federal Antimonopoly service. RBC said Dmitry Petrov, on the basis of an application which was filed antitrust and litigation in the summer of 2016.

According to the statement of the FAS, the company must in the period until 1 may 2017 to open in Russia the unified service center. “Antimonopoly Department has established that the actions of LLC “Apple Rus” — the only provider of Apple inc. in Russia contain the signs of violation of part 1 article 10 of the Law on protection of competition by failing to ensure the possibility of using products of Apple inc (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus) during the term of its service”, — stated in the message.

In their statements, Petrov pointed to the fact that an American company created discriminatory conditions for users in the repair of their devices. In particular, he was refused to repair the broken screen of his iPhone 6 Plus, citing the absence in the Russian market of original spare parts for repairs. Instead, Petrov has offered to buy similar to the characteristics of the machine, paying 22 200 rubles. Thus, international website, Apple offers out of warranty repair screen repair iPhone SE for $129 (about 7.5 thousand rubles at the exchange rate at the time of publication), but the device for the Russian market this offer does not apply.

The law “On protection of consumer rights,” which refers to Petrov, really requires the manufacturer to provide repair and maintenance and supply of spare parts during the production life of the product and after removing it from production during the period of his service. He, in turn, the iPhone is 5 years.

In the new service center will forward the Apple device in need of repair, with all the authorized Russian partners.

“I plan to refuse the claim due to the fact that the main purpose of starting this process is achieved. I am satisfied by this turn of events,” — said Dmitry Petrov.

“We hope that “eppl Rus” will provide service to customers in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation”, — States the message of the FAS to the Deputy head of service Andrey Kashevarov.

At the time of publishing Apple had not responded to a request to RBC.

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