Apple stated that the elimination of used by the security services vulnerabilities

Photo: Jaap Arriens / Zuma / TASS

Apple has stated that most of the vulnerabilities that were mentioned in the WikiLeaks documents, has been fixed in the latest version of iOS. The day before the portal reported that the CIA could use these flaws to gain access to the phones

Apple has eliminated most of the vulnerabilities, according to WikiLeaks, could use U.S. intelligence agencies to access the iPhone. This is with reference to the statement, the company tells TechCrunch.

“Although our initial analysis [published by WikiLeaks] documents show that many of these vulnerabilities have been fixed in the latest version of iOS, we will continue to work on rapidly identifying and resolving such problems,” said Apple.

The company stressed that it is always urge users to promptly download the latest version of the software that contains the latest security updates.

As TechCrunch notes, the documents released by Wikileaks, contained tables with the iOS exploits that allow the CIA to monitor the iPhone and even control of their devices. Some of these exploits were developed by the secret service, some were bought, or downloaded from non-governmental sources.

Before WikiLeaks published over 8.7 million documents and files obtained from the center kiberrazvedki of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. This leak, dubbed Year Zero, indicates the existence of global programs for hacking different kind of devices, including the iPhone and devices running operating systems Android and Windows, and even the Samsung TV that can turn into a recording device.

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