Attacked the democratic party hackers involved in the attack on the former commander of NATO

The headquarters of the US Democratic party

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The mail attacked the leaders of the Democratic party hackers involved in a series of break-ins. Among the victims — a former commander of NATO forces in Europe and the Soros Foundation

According to Bloomberg, experts on cyber security found that a little-known website DCLeaks could be created by the same group that attacked high-ranking members of the US Democratic party. In their opinion, the available materials show that the interests of burglars beyond the us elections, and in stock at the cyber can be a lot of materials.

Among the victims of the hackers was a former senior US intelligence, now working on military contracts, as well as a retired United States Navy officer, whose wife still serves on the aircraft carrier “Nimitz”, “open society Institute”, a member of George Soros.

On the website there is also a correspondence of the former commander of NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove, who left his post in may this year. He, in particular, complains about President Barack Obama, who, according to the General, insufficient attention was paid to security in Europe.

He Breedlove in June acknowledged that his correspondence was stolen, blaming foreign intelligence agencies.

According to John Hultquist, a specialist company FireEye, engaged in the fight against cybercrime, DCLeaks could be an experiment for a group of burglars. Later, they decided to use for his purpose of Wikileaks, and was published correspondence of the senior leaders of the Democratic party.

The creators DCLeaks claimed that they are Americans, the site administrator is a Steve Wonders, who did not answer Bloomberg why much of the published material anyway “in the interests of Russia.”

After the attack on the Democrats campaign Manager Hillary Clinton said the leak of documents is Russian” and happened to help Donald Trump. Itself the candidate in presidents of the United States claimed that the hacking “are Russian special services”.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in response to these statements said that “the Russian official departments” had nothing and never engaged in cyber terrorism, this cannot be and speeches”. “The prosecution of Russian hackers in some action does not mean the prosecution of the leadership of Russia”, — he stressed.

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