“Azbuka Vkusa” has introduced system of payment by fingerprint

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Russian retailer Azbuka Vkusa launched a pilot project for paying for purchases using your fingerprint. Depending on the results of the system can be extended to all stores

According to the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to Director General of “Azbuka Vkusa” Vladimir Sadovina, the network launched a pilot project for paying for purchases using your fingerprint. The first system implemented in the store on Nakhimovsky Prospekt in Moscow.

The essence of the system lies in the fact that the customer of the retailer must first register at the box office, tying the fingerprints of two fingers to the credit card Visa or MasterCard. He later gets the ability to pay for purchases, putting a finger to a special POS terminal with integrated biometric scanner. In this case, the pin is optional.

The eskvayer system was Sberbank, however, in “ABC of taste” and you can enroll your biometric information will be the users of cards issued by any other Bank.

Sadovin indicated that the new system will be convenient for customers, because it will save time which they spend on search cards in your pocket or bag. However, he said that the test period will last until the end of the year, and already by its results the decision will be made about how to distribute the system to all stores.

The publication indicates that other retailers do not intend to start such payments. This is due to the distrust on the part of buyers to such instruments.

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