Black a thousand in Russia there will appear a list of officials who have lost credibility

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russia will have a black list of officials dismissed in connection with loss of trust. The bill received the full endorsement of the government Commission on legislative activities. The endeavor, of course, progressive. But, alas, not dealing with bureaucrats, who, having lost the trust of society, kept a great relationship with superiors.

Once the “servants of people” suspected of patrons of infidelity, and did not stand on ceremony. What, in particular, shows a famous example of folk art: “Lavrentiy Beria left the trust, and comrade Malenkov slapped him and kicks”. And rhyme still greatly understates the severity of the punishment that befell the overthrown head of the interior Ministry of the USSR. In addition to the kicks Lavrentiy set foot, according to the official version, on the slippery slope of betrayal of the proletarian cause and of moral and domestic expansions, took a bullet in the head.

The times now are, of course, others — not Stalin and even Brezhnev. But it is not Yeltsin. That year, the legislation regulating the activities of the Russian officials grows more and more restrictive flags. For example, in 2011 there appeared the article “the Dismissal in connection with loss of trust”.


The reason for the dismissal may be: the failure of official measures to prevent conflict of interest; failure to provide information about income and assets; business activities; entry into the leadership of the foreign NGOs, as well as violation of the prohibition to keep money and valuables abroad.

At the same time, a ban was imposed on recruitment to the civil service those who had been dismissed under this article. However, according to the initiators of the bill, “for information on penalties in the workbook are not made”. Therefore, “there are risks that the subsequent employment, such information may be hidden candidate to fill this position”. In this connection, in fact, there is a need “to collect and collate information on the persons dismissed in connection with loss of trust, and the formation of a single information resource”.

It is clear that this blacklist will greatly facilitate the task of the personnel officers of state agencies. Looked into it and found the name of the applicant hired. Found — rejected. Not the fact, however, that the new registry will greatly facilitate the task of cleansing the civil service of those who, in the words of the immortal hero of guidescope film, “confuses their wool with state”.

First, a few numbers. According to information posted on the government website, from 2012 to 2015, i.e. for four years from the Federal, regional and municipal authorities in connection with loss of trust fired a total of about 1,200 people. During the same period, the number of officials in the country — that is, employees of state bodies and bodies of local self — government increased, according to Rosstat, 604 thousand. Today it is 2 million 176 thousand people. Against this background, 300 “servants of the people”, each year losing confidence — not even a drop in the sea, and some kind of molecule.

No, it is clear that officials who lose their posts, a few more. But even those who are caught in the acts, provided by article “the Dismissal in connection with loss of trust”, quit, there is no doubt, on other articles. On their own, for example. Entry labor “in connection with loss of trust” granted only to those unlucky who has managed to completely spoil relations with the authorities…

However, among these poor fellows have, admittedly, a number of very senior former figures, lost the trust of the President himself. Including, for example, several heads of regions Vasily Yurchenko, Novosibirsk region, Nikolai Denin (Bryansk oblast), Alexander Khoroshavin (Sakhalin oblast), Vyacheslav gayzer (Komi Republic), Nikita Belykh (Kirov region).

But even at this, the highest level of power depends on relations with the chief and, accordingly, the extent of his compassion. For example, former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, who was, incidentally, a defendant in a criminal case of embezzlement in the defense Ministry, Vladimir Putin dismissed generally without any wording: “remove from office” — and that’s it. Today Anatoly E., risen, like a Phoenix from the ashes, wins one after the other rungs of the career ladder in the state Corporation rostec.

However, significantly more of those officials who, no matter what — no matter the failures, no undeclared palaces, yachts and aircraft, neither gently tutored children and wives of businessmen — do not lose nor the location of the bosses or posts. Perhaps this is today a much more serious problem than a thousand black emerged from the overbearing confidence.

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