Cabs — Cheremisinov, Kolesnichenko: one of the marked Putin Olympians violated traffic regulations

Not all of those victors of the Olympic games who today received the gift of a new car, and are careful drivers. “MK” has learned driving history athletes, was awarded the car “BMW X6” for gold Rio and found out that some of them have time to attend to the payment of fines for violation of traffic rules.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Of course, nothing criminal for our heroes is not usual. And after excellent performances in Rio, the traffic police, strictly speaking, should take “under the hood” at the sight of athletes in brand new cars, presented Thursday at a reception at President Vladimir Putin. Most likely, the majority of fines athletes “earned” thanks to surveillance cameras. And the camera, as you know, don’t care who breaks the speed — champion or a mere mortal.

In the overall standings “leader” here was our rapiest Alexey Cheremisinov. Winner of the gold medal at the event in Rio with the beginning of the year I broke traffic regulations seven times. The total fine amounted to 2500 rubles. Most likely, this is the usual speed limit on this offense sooner or later come across any driver.

And in the team competition “distinguished” Russian synchronised swimmers. Wonderful Alexandra Patskevich, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Maria Shurochkina at fault for 4000 rubles. And 3000 roubles imposed on Svetlana. Here, apparently, is a question of more serious violation than just speeding. Also serious, a fine of 2500 rubles – “hung” on our handball Vladlena Bobrovnikova. And its partner at the command of Ekaterina Ilyina, again, was punished for 500 rubles.

Note that all of these fines remain unpaid in the database of the Federal service of bailiffs. And no wonder: all the past months athletes have been busy training for the Olympics. Their performance in Rio has shown that time is not spent in vain. And certainly worth the small debts which the owners of new cars will surely repay in the near future.

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