“Channel” cut out the mention of Putin in two episodes of the TV series “Fargo”

In the translation of two episodes of the third season of the American TV series “Fargo,” “the First channel” cut out the mention of Vladimir Putin and Russia

“Channel” cut out the mention of President Vladimir Putin and Russia from the replicas of the characters in two episodes of “Fargo”, we are talking about the second and fourth series. The fact that the channel changed the movie characters, said the reader “jellyfish”, according to the material edition.

In the second series of replica V. M. Vargas, in which he compares North Korea with Russia, cut the mention of Putin and Russia. “Of course you can find relative stability in the cruel States: North Korea, Putin has done in Russia. Just need to know who to grease” — the translation of the original (estimated time 45:45).

“The relative stability exists only in totalitarian States. In North Korea, for example, where we only need to know exactly who to grease” — so the phrase translated “First channel”.

In the fourth series of the words of Ukrainian Yuri górka cut all mention of Putin and Russia. He says that “Putin, when he was a boy, knew that he wants to work in FSB” and kept a photograph of the Soviet spy Jan Berzin. In the second part of the replica’s character says that “Russia has two words for “truth”: “Pravda” — is true for people, “istina” for God. But there is “nepravda”, that is a lie. It was her leader uses as a weapon. Because he knows things others don’t know. The truth is what he says”.

“Medusa” brings the voice of “channel one” in which there is no mention of neither Putin nor Russia. “The boy from childhood dreamed of becoming a spy. He lived in a communal flat, kept on the nightstand portrait Berzin. Berzin — who in 1923 created the GRU, the KGB and later the godfather. The boy soon went on Sambo and became the terror of the schoolyard. You see, in each language, the two words “truth”. Truth is truth people, the truth is God’s truth. But there is a lie is a lie. And this weapon, because someone knows and you don’t. The truth is only what exist in reality”.

As the newspaper notes, for channel translation was made by Moscow company “ehjj Bi Video.” On its website notes that “A. B. Video” is engaged in translation, dubbing and dubbing of movies and series for 15 years, while “the Studio is the only partner of the “First” channel instructs the dubbing and the dubbing of foreign films for over 10 years.”

RBC failed to obtain prompt review from the “First channel”.


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