Co-founder of Apple predicted the colonization of Mars and the city in the desert

Steve Wozniak

Photo: Aly Song / Reuters

By 2075 people colonize Mars, which will take heavy industry, learn how to build in desert city from scratch, will waive a medical diagnosis and will live surrounded by artificial intelligence, says Steve Wozniak

Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak believes that in 60 years people will be able to colonize Mars and will live in “smart cities”, which will be built in the deserts, according to USA Today. Such forecast was made by Wozniak in anticipation of the three-day conference, Comic-Con, which will be held next weekend in San Francisco. Its theme this year: “the Future of humanity: where we’ll be in 2075”.

Half a century, says Wozniak, humans will settle Mars. In his opinion, the Earth will be a place to live, and Mars — for the heavy industry. However, to detect extraterrestrial civilizations by this time will fail. “Worth a try, but hope I don’t have,” said Wozniak.

The desert, according to entrepreneur, are the ideal place for cities of the future, built from scratch. They will have housing problems, people will run between the dome structures, and to reach out in special suits

In his opinion, an important role in the lives of people will be playing artificial intelligence: “Like a scene from the movie “minority report” where people interacted with all sorts of smart walls and other surfaces for shopping, communication and entertainment,” he predicted Wozniak. New technology will allow people to self-diagnose, saving them from having to go to doctors for examination.

Apple, said Wozniak, will be successful at work and after 58 years. She “will exist for a long time, just like IBM”, founded in 1911. “Look how much money Apple has. It can generally invest in anything. It would be ridiculous to believe that Apple would not live until 2075. The same applies to Google with Facebook,” — said the businessman.


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