Commander of the order of Courage is suing the Minister of interior for a decent pension

Commander of the order of Courage No. 91 505. A decree on awarding this high award fire emergencies Ministry Alexei Bogdanov has signed personally by Putin.

That’s just the Kremlin on awarding Alexey drive and could not. For four years he was confined to a wheelchair, group one, indefinitely. Almost died when fighting a severe fire in Moscow. Collapsed wooden ceiling, burying two.

Partner died in “ambulance”. Alex, you can say lucky: “I Remember in my head like a light turned off, and it became dark, opened his eyes, around already comrades are”.

Military trauma. There are no guilty. Who knew about the overlap of these rotten…

In addition to a lump sum of 2 million, and the order of the grey metal our hero is a fireman got nothing.

And like 41-the summer Lieutenant of internal service Alexey Bogdanov who committed the deed and not aware of their rights, because they are simply not explained, thousands, probably.

They are the pride of the country. Our country is always proud of those who puts her health and life and asks nothing in return.

photo: Ekaterina Sazhneva


“We didn’t want to sue. Uncomfortable somehow. Still, his colleagues do not leave, come with Goodies, holidays, congratulations,” — clinging Zinaida Bogdanova mother.

“How many people you have saved for 18 years of service?” “I don’t know, a lot of” shaking Alex by the shoulders. “A medal for that?” — “Beautiful eyes” — laughing.

If accurate to the day, the seniority he had 18 years 7 months and 25 days. Another year and a half and retired. Fire had come out.

…Alex spore moves around the house in a wheelchair. Hands pumped up — every day, dumbbell, exercises. Can’t sit idle. I came to him in Dmitrov near Moscow. Mom is busy in the kitchen with dinner. Gets out of the oven Apple pie, black currant jam from the fridge.

The apartment spick-and-span. Bright and spacious. In the new building. She had spent all of their family savings, I sold the cottage, something. And most importantly — the same lump sum from the state to 2 million.

Very afraid that will not have time to buy and prices will rise.

“It was necessary to solve something. And before that, lived four of us, I, my daughter, grandson and Alyosha in the kitchen, closely, of course, especially when the trouble happened. And then we finally got the doors extend below the carriage passed, and the bathroom is very spacious, here, look, over the bathtub hung a ring to Alyosha could catch”. Zinaida Pavlovna recalls how it turned awkward when, in their distress, suddenly looked high-ranking officials — brought the order, did not disdain, just the hero to pick him up in the Kremlin and could not. Where there — even down to walk, it was already a problem.

And now it seems to be all there, and the Elevator is so large, and required a ramp, and he does not want on the street…

Alex says shy. All don’t explain why her legs immobilized. “I do not want to looked at me, sorry…”

Have Bogdanovich court. As the defendants in the case are the Moscow police and the interior Ministry represented by the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva.

The situation is unusual: despite the fact that Bogdanov served in the MOE, the pension he goes through the structure of the Ministry. And there he won’t know. Neither himself, nor what he had done.

And so pay him a sum almost two times less than it should be.

photo: Ekaterina Sazhneva


The highest category of complexity. The fire spread throughout the building. Burned former city orphanage name of the Bakhrushins brothers that is 1 Riga lane. To extinguish the fire took 60 firefighters calculations, 142. The fire area was over 1.5 kilometers.

“In this house, as we understand, the illegals lived. Many of them may have set on fire as accidental. Things in fact happened. When we arrived, the workers scattered like peas on the side street…”

It was June 2012. Call in the 22nd detachment of the Federal fire service for the city of Moscow came at 2.30 am. In fact, nothing sverhordinarnogo. As usual. Gear and the cylinder with clean air, not to suffocate, over thirty pounds of weight bear, like a turtle.

With you the iron crowbar to break the door. Run in all that clothing, the stairs up and down. Although the years of service used, of course, connected. In the winter all wet from sweat, water, and even cold, the men usually basking near the fire, the water in the stewing process was heated, it was warm.

“The socks sewed from woolen sweaters to them, though the rubber boots were taunted,” lists mother. Winter cold, summer hot. The sun radiates like fire.

“The unpredictability — that’s what I liked about my job, never know what’s going on around the corner, what’s waiting for you,” says Alex.

The last time anything unpredictable like would not be. Except the ceiling, which thought they were stone, it was the usual rotten piece of wood…

“We were just about home. Another minute and be peeled off this damn roof. Like and low, but gave us a failing grade. I felt a shock in the spine, has lost consciousness, even now feel the blow sometimes, like echoes”.

On duty after three days. Night often remained in Moscow. He says he is very loved her job. But if the last fire was not extinguished in time, the fire could spread to neighboring buildings — and the people there.

The deceased partner left four children.

“My mother once said that fifty percent of all put on something that will survive, Yes or no.” Eight broken ribs, a torn heel, three sheets broken fifth and sixth vertebrae — that’s the worst, join severed spinal cord have not yet learned. And never learned.

In place of the rupture has not received blood. This meant that at any moment could refuse and hands, the brain continued to deteriorate further. Said operation can be done by quota, but how much of that quota you have to wait? “We, of course, paid. At aleshki of feet took to Vienna and put back, and metal construction special”.

Summer, heat on the street under forty. The temperature is also under forty. Bedsores rot. In the resuscitation of Sklifa mom though not every time, but who needs it, but the mother? “Come to him, and he cries. I asked him: do not cry, because I will not leave you. Every day went from Dmitrov. Will the doctor say what state. I still missed him to the house, Alyosha because he could not breathe, and I hand picked and keep, in an hour he sighed and independently,” says 67-year-old woman.

Civil wife never even came to visit. Didn’t want to upset him, says. And most upset I guess.

“The son of rotted almost to the bone. Bed medical, huge, special, pushed along with him for the procedure. From floor to floor. I also died spouse and not eating. Guys, his colleagues, seeing that that’s the case, wrote to the President — so to us casually as we believe, treated. And immediately the chiefs issued a medical helicopter to Ramenska and from there Peter in the hospital. Everything was decided in a few days.”

Specially ordered Board emergencies Ministry Alexei Bogdanov moved from Sklifa in Saint Petersburg. There was hope for a favorable outcome. That should be fine.

photo: Ekaterina Sazhneva


Dismissed Alex was on the item “g” of part one of article 58. Sickness. All right. Not reproach. Apartment from the state Bogdanov and did not dare to expect. A very simple family, not lawyers, not pettifoggers. “I, when the service was received, a receipt wrote that the housing decline. Everything young did. Otherwise, we did not take.”

— So when was that? — I snort. — Twenty years ago. And after a war injury you were entitled to. You can’t just be fired without the provision of housing.

Alexei shrugs. No it is not explained how to act. For the beautiful, the order was given a lump sum of 200 thousand, and all went to the operation is not under the quota. Another was given the award in the amount of 100 percent for the faithful performance of official duties until August 2013, nearly a whole year which he spent in the hospital between life and death.

“No, I my colleagues and superiors appreciate could do to forget and not to remember, because there are different situations.” The rehabilitation centers goes along with her mother, Alex full Board, the mother often has to feed herself, the allowance it is not always relatives put. “Well, when in Moscow, I at least until the shop can run, but if in the suburbs somewhere, sometimes, and sit hungry”, — Zinaida not complaining, just lists the facts. “Of course, not enough money. My pension is small, he is paid slightly more than 20 thousand rubles. It is difficult to live, especially now.”

In the Crimea for another rehabilitation a casual acquaintance, a military lawyer, looking at their documents, gasped. “Why did you flat in his name bought? It could not fire without it. Why not demand additional cash payments? You are obliged to pay…”

Aleksey Bogdanov is an invalid of the first group obtained as a result of war injuries, which is equal to the invalid of the great Patriotic war, ” explains Aleksandr skovorodko, a lawyer. — People the state is obliged to pay monthly advanced 14 000, indexed to inflation. I can’t say why in this particular case with Bogdanov has acted illegally and not according to conscience. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he was actually listed in the MOE, and all payments are passed through the structure of the Ministry.

Alex still went to the pension Department of the Moscow police, where he asked to appoint him on December 12, 2013 and continue to pay lifelong monthly monetary compensation in reimbursement of harm, in accordance with clause 1 clause 13 of article 3 of Federal law No. 306 — FZ, dated 07.11.2011 “On military pay and provide them with separate payments”.

He provided everything necessary for the implementation of the payment documents to the pension Department of the Moscow police.

“But at his request the young man, the gentleman of order of Courage, which is not so with us and many became totally disabled, received contrived and, I believe, a cynical failure,” — says the lawyer.

“Yes, we are many papers came from all the instances — like solitaire game, lays in front of me these documents, the mother of Alexei. — We are to understand nothing. Here’s the folder of answers is large. Somewhere it says we have a right to the money, but somewhere — that we are not entitled to anything, to be treated at the place of work or Pension Fund”.

In the securities of “authorities” attached lapel booklets for meritorious service. Also a small library. For each year of work almost. These are not every give. But Alex came to the emergency immediately after the army, airborne troops, said he found the job ad, together with his comrades — but the left could not bear the hardships of life and equipment 30 kg, and he left…

“Always running like crazy on the job. Partners substitute, if necessary. For weeks, practically lived there — and now what?” — grieving Zinaida.

“Mom, what are you! Well I no one left. And you’re always near” — thought Alex.

He was not even able to come to court, who would take his question on the other day. Earlier helped drive a friend, too, Mchsniki, but two weeks ago he was killed in an accident.

So now Alexei Bogdanov, asked the judge to hear the case in his absence. You can do that. Although, of course, will not see. But senior fire 23rd fire brigade of the Federal fire service of the 22nd squad truly believes that everything will be honestly and legally.

Experiencing only for the fact that the only nephew that’s going to return from the army, which from childhood he has told me so much about his interesting service, a fireman why he does not want…

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