“Do not peel off the pot”, Putin complained about the filth in Sochi

Holidays in Sochi turned into a hospital and endless diarrhea in both adults and children. This led them to draw up a petition to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a demand to stop an intestinal infection on the Black sea.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The text of the petition appeared on the website sapped it is Larissa Angel from Norilsk, which had a rest in Sochi in July of this year.

In the text of the appeal to the President Larissa reports that a dip in the sea, she and her small child had contracted intestinal infections, and then was taken to the hospital.

It turned out that this problem affected not only her, but many tourists. The hospital was crowded, seats were missed, resulting in children placed directly in the corridors. All the campers swam in the sea near Adler, and then ended up in the hospital, lying under a dropper and do not peel off the pot”.

The author of the petition claims that in that location merge into the sea of impurity, therefore, there is teeming with E. coli.

Larissa Angel notes that for visitors to the Olympics in Sochi, did everything”for their kids are unable to create conditions for a safe holiday!”.

She asks the President to influence the local authorities that would lead to normal sanitary conditions on the coast.

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