Editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Vedomosti” became the top Manager of the “First channel”

Ilya Bulavinov

Photo: Yury Martyanov / Kommersant

The new editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Vedomosti” appointed Ilya Bulavinov. Tatiana Lysova, who led the publication for more than ten years, announced his decision to leave the post in late October, citing “personal circumstances”

Editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Vedomosti” appointed the top Manager of the “First channel” Ilya Bulavinov. The announcement was made to staff following the meeting of the Board of Directors of the company “Business news media” that publishes the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Ilya Bulavinov was born in 1973 in Moscow, graduated from the faculty of journalism. Three years after graduation, in 1996, began his career in Bulavinov Kommersant on the position of correspondent of the political Department, where he worked for almost 20 years. The last position held within the framework of ID — Deputy chief editor and chief editor of the site kommersant.ru. In 2013 Bulavinov left “Kommersant”, that “did not understand the strategy of the development of the publications in the current environment”. From 2013 to 2014 he was chief editor of the site ria.ru. Then the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst suggested Bulavinov to lead the new Directorate Internet broadcasting channel that is responsible for strengthening the presence of the broadcaster in the network and new media. The Bulavinov has accepted the offer. Since may 2014 he developed a website 1tv.ru and worked on the new forms of interaction with the audience.

At the end of October 2016, “Vedomosti” reported that Tatyana Lysova, at the meeting of the Board of Directors of CJSC “Business news media” announced his intention to leave the company in six months. According to sources RBC, close to the presidential administration, an independent editorial policy “Statements” were dissatisfied in the Kremlin. However, as noted in the report, Lysova explained the decision to leave the post of editor-in-chief solely his initiative, “for which there are no external or internal causes.” The interlocutor of RBC in the publication confirmed that the meeting with the staff she really said “personal circumstances”.

In April 2015, Demian Kudryavtsev were bought from the Finnish Sanoma Corp. 33% “Vedomosti”, as well as several magazines and newspaper The Moscow Times. In November 2015, a foreign company Pearson and Dow Jones announced the sale of its shares in the “Gazette” Kudryavtsev, thus he became the sole owner of the publication. The transaction took place after the adoption of the law limiting foreign media ownership 20% share.

RNS sources familiar with the situation, reported that Kudryavtsev under the deal could not initiate the change of the chief editor until the end of 2015, to sell a share until April 2017. Kudryavtsev himself in a conversation with RBC denied the relationship between the change of the chief editor and the possible development of “sheets” for sale. He noted that “it is in a sense shot himself in the foot” because “Tatiana is a huge, including corporate, value to the company.”

Daily business newspaper “Vedomosti” is published since 1999. Its first chief editor was the journalist Leonid Bershidsky. Tatiana Lysova took this position in 2002, but in 2007 he moved to the position of editorial Director of “Business news media”. Until 2010 the “Vedomosti” was led by Elizaveta Osetinskaya, then Lysova back to this post. In 2013 she also managed the website vedomosti.ru.

According to Mediascope, the average audience of one issue of “Vedomosti” in Russia in may—October 2016 reached a 147.6 thousand. Revenue from the “Business news media” in 2015, according to SPARK, dropped by 21%, to 749 million rubles, net loss amounted to 289 million rubles.


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