Ex-Director of Bank “the trust” requires “Yandex” to stop calling him a fag

Former financial Director of Bank “trust” Eugene Romakov, who was arrested on charges of embezzlement of 14.6 billion rubles in the Bank, has filed a lawsuit against the company “Yandex” under the law “right to be forgotten”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As explained by the Agency “Moscow” a press-the Secretary of the Savelovsky court of the city of Constantine Timoshenko, Romakov requires to exclude from the search engines 108 are hosted on the websites of information about his alleged sexual orientation.

This information is a former top-the Manager calls untrue.

Note that this information is actually contained in the Network is replicated on different sites the article about “top retaine” LGBT in the Russian elite, however, is not supported by any facts.

Currently Romanova accused that he, together with former head of the Treasury “Trust” Oleg Dikusar has granted loans to fictitious companies Cyprus, what happened in the benefit now sought shareholders of the Bank.

Note that, according to “Yandex”, the company can defend its case in about three quarters of cases, and to refuse to exclude from search results any information. Recent high-profile case of attempts to use law “right to be forgotten” was the claim close to the Kremlin entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, who, however, independently refused their demands.

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