Fighter Trazhukova who have not accepted an apology Mamiashvili, went to the police

The Olympic battles in Rio de Janeiro is over, the results announced, but the scandal continues to drag on. One of these was the incident with the participation of the President of Federation of wrestling of Russia (FSBR) Mikhail Mamiashvili and sportswomen Inna Trazhukova. And, it seems, it comes to proceedings involving police.


As previously reported, during the Olympic games in one of the training rooms was a conflict between Mamiashvili and Trazhukova. The athlete said that the President of the Federation twice hit her. August 24, at a press conference Mamiashvili apologized Inna, but she wasn’t having it, whereupon he addressed an open letter.

The athlete said that apologies were not accepted due to the fact that Mamiashvili has not recognized the fact of beating, and accusations of “treason”. According to her, the situation leaves her no choice but to contact the police, because if she doesn’t, it will look like a liar in the eyes of others.

Trazhukova in the open letter reports that she does this to restore his honor and dignity, and responsible for his words. She writes that the incident occurred when members of other teams and if Mamiashvili has not stopped, then the blows would follow more quotes the letter “SE”.

However, she notes that they are ready to listen to fair criticism, but I do not agree with the public-said Mikhail Mamiashvili.

The Olympic games in Rio. Chronicle of events

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