First channel refused to broadcast the Eurovision

The final of the national selection “Eurovision 2017” in Kiev

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The Ukrainian crisis

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The European broadcasting channel said that failed to resolve the question of the participation of Yulia Samoilova in the competition. “The first channel” did not consider possible in the current situation broadcast the Eurovision song contest-2017″, — reads the statement of the channel

“We believe the failure of the Ukrainian side is absolutely unfounded, the reason for it, of course, is the Ukraine’s attempt to politicize the contest, whose goal for the past 62 years of history was the unification of the people”, — stated in the message channel, received by RBC.

The statement noted that the European broadcasting Union has again offered the option of remote participation of Yulia Samoilova in the competition or to replace it with another participant.

“We believe he and the other option is unacceptable. Remote intervention discriminare Russian participant and is contrary to the rules and guidelines of the contest. The option of replacing Yulia Samoilova with another artist, in our opinion, can not even be considered,” the report says.

As Eurovision has become a platform for disagreement

The contest “Eurovision” this year will be held in Kiev. Russia was supposed to represent the singer Yulia Samoilova. However, the Ukrainian authorities banned her from entering the country for three years. Its decision they explained by the fact that the singer performed at the festival in the Crimea, which Kyiv considers to be temporarily occupied territory.


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