“Gazprom” announced the creation of a new gas company in Europe

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After a two-year dispute with the Federal network Agency of Germany, the Gazprom group has announced the creation of a separate company which will engage in the operation of gas filling stations in Europe — Gazprom NGV Europe

“Gazprom” organized in Europe, the new company, which will implement the compressed natural gas at gas stations. This was reported on the website of its subsidiary company Gazprom Marketing and Trading.

The creation of the company Gazprom NGV Europe, which was established in Berlin, was the result of more than two-year dispute with the German regulator, which demanded that Gazprom Germania ceased trading compressed natural gas at filling stations.

In the message of Gazprom Marketing & Trading said that the group on 24 August established a new company Gazprom NGV Europe in Berlin. The new company is a 100-percent subsidiary of Gazprom Germania GmbH will continue the company’s activities in the field of trade compressed (compressed) natural gas.

“The company will fully meet the requirements of the German energy act, which provides for the separation of trade and transport”, — stated in the message.

Under the control of Gazprom NGV Europe got 50 filling stations in Germany, another 10 gas stations have already been built in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading is a subsidiary of Gazprom Germania GmbH, which, in turn, enters in “Gazprom export”.

July 30, 2015 published on the website of Gazprom Germania’s annual report said “Gazprom” has begun restructuring its assets abroad. This step was due to the tense geopolitical situation and a slowdown in the Russian economy. In the document it was specified that a fall of GDP growth in Russia, which affected the company cited the weak ruble in the second half of 2014 and falling oil prices.

The German regulator Federal network Agency decision of 20 may 2014 demanded that the company stop selling compressed natural gas at filling stations. Gazprom Germania tried to appeal in a civil action the regulator’s decision to the Higher regional court of düsseldorf.

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