“Gazprom” has decided to defer exploration on the continental shelf of the Barents sea by 2025

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“Gazprom” asks to postpone the Ministry of natural resources to 2025 exploration in the Barents sea due to the economic inexpediency. It threatens to wreck plans for production on the shelf of the 10% gas in the country by 2035

“Gazprom” considers inexpedient carrying out of geological exploration in the Barents sea in the current economic situation, it is told in corporate magazine gas monopoly. The company asked the Ministry of environment to amend the terms of the license agreements for the transfer of drilling and seismic surveys on the continental shelf for the period after 2025, according to the article.

“By the end of 2025 in the Barents sea Gazprom needs to fulfill the 20 thousand running km of 2D seismic and 9 thousand sq. km 3D and drill 12 exploratory wells. The specialists of “Gazprom” believe that to master such volumes not only almost impossible, but also impractical. The company’s objective is to prioritize and sequence the implementation of the offshore program, based on the timing of input fields and economic efficiency. Obviously, drilling in areas in the Barents sea, based on current market conditions, is a fairly distant prospect”, — said in the article.

The official representative the Ministry of natural resources reported that Gazprom has until the end of this year to agree terms of changes in licenses. The Ministry is ready to go on the adjustment, if the request is justified.

Gas production “Gazprom” continues to fall: in 2015 she made 418,5 billion cubic meters instead of the planned 485.4 billion In the first quarter of 2016 production fell by 3% compared to the same period in 2015 — with 116.3 billion cubic meters to 112,9 billion, according to a quarterly report of the company. According to forecasts of the Vice-President of Board “Gazprom” Vitaly Markelov, announced in may, 2016 scheduled production 452,5 billion cubic meters. the Main reasons for the decline — the decline in consumer demand and falling energy prices.

The shelf, according to the draft energy Strategy of Russia until 2035, should have at least 10% of the total gas production. According to the Ministry of energy, by 2035 the extraction should be 821-885 billion cubic meters, the export of “Gazprom” in Europe — 175 billion cubic meters, to CIS — 20-30 billion cubic meters of natural gas Exports of Gazprom group in foreign countries in 2015, according to the company, amounted to 184.4 billion cubic meters, to CIS — 40.3 billion cubic meters.

In accordance with the current conditions of the license agreements from 2016 to 2025 on the continental shelf of Russia need to spend 45,1 sq. km of seismic 2D and 3D, as well as to drill 46 exploratory wells. The average cost of drilling of one well on the Arctic shelf the Dean of geological faculty of the Russian state University of oil and gas. Gubkin Sergey Lobusev estimated at $200-500 million For example, the cost of drilling wells “University-1” “Rosneft” in the Kara sea for the discovery of “Victory” exceeded $700 million.

The Ministry of environment and the Ministry of energy at the end of April of the current year prepared and sent to the government proposals on stimulation of geological exploration on the continental shelf. The Ministry proposes to allow companies to write off a factor of 3.5 exploration expenditures from the consolidated income tax. In October last year the Minister of natural resources and environment Sergei Donskoi told President Vladimir Putin that because of declining public and private investment in exploration 50% decrease in the volume of exploration works on the shelf.

“Gazprom”, according to the corporate magazine, has 33 licenses for subsoil use of the Russian continental shelf: 20 — in the Kara sea, seven in the Barents sea, five in the sea of Okhotsk, one in Azov. According to monopoly, the exploration is on 25 stations. In accordance with the program of the development mineral-raw material base of Gazprom, by 2035 geological exploration on the Russian shelf should provide the main growth of gas and condensate reserves of the company up to more than 10 trillion cubic meters.

The magazine States that the monopoly already held offshore over 34 thousand linear kilometers of seismic exploration, 6, 7 thousand of them — in 2015, has drilled 11 exploratory wells. In the result of work performed the opening of 10 new fields.

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