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In the first half of 2016, “Gazrpom” increased gas transit through Ukraine by 31% to 38 billion cubic meters. This is the most costly route for Russian gas, said the head of monopoly Alexey Miller

“Gazprom” in January-June 2016 has increased the gas transit to Europe via Ukraine by 31% to 37.6 billion cubic meters, it follows from the operational data “Ukrtransgaz” (“daughter” of “Naftogaz”, the operating system of main gas pipelines), which leads “Interfax”. In June, the transit increased by 16.7% to 6.26 billion cubic meters of gas.

June 2016 overall was a record for “Gazprom” on export of GAZ in the far abroad: the company increased deliveries by about 5% to 13.4 billion cubic meters. m. the Nearest value, the result was recorded in pre-crisis 2008, 12.9 billion cubic meters In the first six months of supply of “Gazprom” in the CIS countries increased by 14.3%, to 85 billion cubic meters.

In late 2014 – early 2015, “Gazprom” has reduced gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine, to prevent reverse deliveries from the EU to Ukraine: Kiev bought gas from European companies, and sent it by the same transit pipelines, but in the opposite direction. Besides, Peterburgom speaking at the international economic forum June 16, predpravleniya “Gazprom” Alexey Miller said that the transit via Ukraine is unprofitable, the company said that gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine is 20% more expensive than through the future Nord stream-2″. Rate new truboprovoda $2.1 per thousand cubic meters on 100 km, and via Ukraine with $2.5.

When you save gas exports through Ukraine additional costs for Gazprom for the transportation of 30 billion cubic meters would have been $25-42 billion over 25 years, warned the participants of the forum the head of Monopoli. But at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in April 2013, Miller said that the most “cost-effective” supply route to Europe for company — transit through the territory of Belarus through the pipeline “Yamal — Europe”. At the same time through “Yamal — Europe”, “Gazprom” reduced the supply by a third in the last days of June, according to Director East European Gas Analysis Michael Korchemkin.

The representative of “Gazprom” yet did not answer the question RBC, why monopoly is preferred to increase the transit through Ukraine in the first half.

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