Gett published data on the number of trips in Russia

In December 2016 through the mobile app Gettaxi has been committed to 8.3 million trips in Russia. The company claims that this indicator holds the second place after “Yandex.Taxi”. Informed sources told RBC that the second position is released by Uber

The total number of trips taken in December last year amounted to 8.3 million, told RBC representative of Gett. Thus, on average, Russian users of the app have committed on average 268 thousand trips per day. In Gett insist that they remain second in the market according to this indicator, after the “Yandex.Taxi”. The number of trips continues to increase, said the representative of the service, but data on growth, as well as the average over the past year he has not called.

As previously told RBC representative of the company, developing a mobile application for ordering taxi, Gett even in the fall of 2016, conceded the second place on the Russian market of Uber. This statement was confirmed by another market participant. According to him, on average, through “Yandex.Taxi” is made of about 500 thousand visits per day, after Uber — 150-170 thousand, and after Gett — about 150 thousand the “Yandex.Taxi” earlier it was reported that only in December, after the service has been made 16.2 million trips or 520 thousand trips a day on average.

Gett entered the Russian market in March 2012, and Uber in November 2013.

An Uber representative declined to disclose data on the number of trips to Russia. However, the source of RBC in the Russian market of taxi aggregators have expressed doubt that Gett really reached the announced target for number of trips in December. “According to our data, the number of orders via the online platform Gett was less than, — says the interlocutor of RBC. But in the past year Gett bought some dispatcher (phone numbers which users can call a taxi — RBC). If the figure of 8.3 million trips also include orders made by telephone, the indicator may be true”.

None of the three players does not reveal the total and daily average number of trips last year. In 2014, the number of trips GetTaxi (formerly Gettaxi) per month was 1.8 million, reported Vedomosti, citing the company’s founder Shahar of the Morning.

Marketing Agency Discovery Research Group, estimated the volume of the market of taxi services in 2016 339 billion rubles. at the same time, mobile aggregators accounted for 5% of the market, and the largest player in the market was dispatching Rutaxi (develops brand “Lucky”, held 11%).

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