“Good bear” got in the list of the top vodka brands in the world

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Three brand vodka company “Status group” first entered the top 30 of the world’s vodka brands Drinks International magazine. The leader of the Russian market, the company became after reducing the minimum price of vodka

The Russians are coming

Authoritative British trade magazine Drinks International has prepared an annual rating of The Millionaires Club, which includes all brands of strong alcoholic beverages (more than 20% alcohol content), whose sales for the year exceeded 1 million 9-litre boxes (9-liter case, the traditional measure of volume of alcohol sales in the global market. RBC restated in liters).

Full rating not yet published, but Drinks International has published the data according to certain categories, in particular, the top 30 best-selling brands of vodka. The main surprise on the list was to hit it from three brands of the Russian company “Status Groups”, informed in the international top lists of never falling.

The Drinks International rating is one of the most respected in the world. The basis for it is the data about retail sales of brands in local markets collect research companies such as Nielsen. Another comparable in credibility rating, which is the magazine Impact, uses data from the companies themselves, the third magazine International Wine and Spirit Research — data uses both alcohol companies and researchers.

Vodka “Good Bear”, which appeared on the market only in 2013, took the list of 19-th place. According to Drinks International, in 2015, has sold 23.4 million L. “Good Bear” — 173% more than the year before. Also in the top 30 were vodka “Kalina Krasnaya” (25th place, 22.9 million litres), and “Old stamp” (26-th place, L. 21.6 million). Even considering only these three main brand, “Status groups” ahead of manufacturers such as SPI Group (Stolichnaya), Bacardi (Grey Goose), Grupo Campari (Skyy), Brown-Forman (Finlandia).

The first places in the ranking have divided the perennial leaders — Smirnoff (owned by Diageo British) – 231,3 million litres and Absolut (Pernod Ricard French) — 99 million L. the Third and fourth place went to Ukrainian “Khortitsa” (Global Spirits, 65,7 million litres) and “Khlebniy Dar” (“BAYADERA Group”, 56.7 million liters).

In comments to the rating of the drafters do not explain the meteoric rise of brands “Status groups”, noting only that “the company that appeared out of nowhere, for a year has become the biggest player in the vodka market of Russia, showing the highest growth rate among all producers of vodka at the global level”.

What to drink in the world

World leader in sales of spirits — brand Korean national drink soju (alcohol content 20%) Jinro. In total, according to Drinks International, in 2015, was sold 664,2 million liters of the drink under this brand. Among the beverages with the “traditional” fortress (about 40% alcohol), the leaders of the Indian whisky Officer’s Choice with annual sales 312,3 million l and Emperador Philippine brandy with a volume of 285,3 thousand.

Local brand and is a leader in the category of Roma — the second year in a row the best-selling rum in the world is Indian McDowell’s No.1 Celebration (owned by Diageo and United Spirits Indian). With an annual output of 160,2 million liters of Indian brand of rum ahead of well-known global brand Bacardi.

“Well the chosen strategy”

Sale “Status Group” began to rise sharply after February 1, 2015 in Russia was reduced the minimum retail price for spirits — from 220 to 185 rubles per 0.5 liter. the Decision followed the speech of Vladimir Putin at the state Council meeting at which the President stated that the inflated prices of alcohol leads to an increase in the consumption of surrogates.

After the entry into force of the order it turned out that companies of the Federal scale can’t sell vodka in the bottom bracket. Considering the tax burden, the cost of production and logistics and margins of retail chains, the cheapest vodka market leaders — companies Roust, “synergy” and ASG — worth on the shelves from 280 rubles for 0.5 L. At the lowest price to exhibit their products could only small regional producers and “Status Groups”.

The representative of “Status groups” is explained by the RBC “successfully chosen the strategy of” rapid gain market share at the expense of growth of sales at low margins. And “Status group” would gradually raise the rate of profitability, he said. The basis of the portfolio of the company has made its own vodka brands that have been “diluted” by the brand partners of the state company “Rosspirtprom” (vodka “the Red snowball tree”), belonging to the state “Capital” and “Moscow” (management FKP “sojuzplodoimport”), as well as a brand “Putinka” (the investigation showed RBC, belongs to structures associated with Arkady Rotenberg).

By the end of 2015, according to Nielsen data provided by RBC liquor companies, the proportion of “Status Groups” on Russian vodka market was 18.4% in volume and 15.1% in monetary terms. This was higher than the cumulative sales of competitors Roust and “Synergy”.

Sale “Status group” began to decline only in early 2016, after the initiation of criminal cases and raids on distilleries in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, bottled brands of the company by the order, wrote “Kommersant”, citing data from Nielsen. In September 2015 the Investigative Committee under the CBD filed against the Directors of four plants criminal case on the fact of evasion from payment of taxes by 2 billion rubles In the course of further investigation, to which has joined the staff of the FNS and of the FSB, the scheme was identified in 11 plants — all partners are “Status Groups”, and the amount of unpaid taxes amounted to more than 23 billion rubles.

In the office of “Status groups” also were searched, RBC confirmed its sales Director Sergey Popov, but no charges of the company were not filed. Losing Kabardian partners, “Status groups” found new factories in North Ossetia, Penza and Moscow regions, but, as reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the distributors, to completely replace the Kabardian plants, they could not.

The name of the beneficiary “Status group” is not disclosed, the company has stated only that the owner is a famous businessman, “does not advertise its attitude to the company”. Three top managers alcohol companies in 2015, told RBC that “Status groups” associated with former co-owner of “metalloinvest” Vasily Anisimov billionaire (43-e a place in rating Forbes with a fortune of $2 billion). Anisimov himself and their connection to the “Status-group” RBC has repeatedly denied. In mid-may when the absence of Anisimov with “Status Group” stresses the statement of the businessman.

The loss of competitors

Unlike brands “Status Groups”, the sale of stamps other Russian producers in 2015 fell indicates the rating Interrnational Drinks. The sale of the most popular vodka in Russia “Five lakes” (ASG) decreased by 24% to 37.8 million l (6-th place in the rating). Main brand “Synergy”, “bilenka”, lost 26% (31,5 million liters, 13-e a place). Once the best-selling in Russia “Zelenaya Marka” (Roust) egfkf 40% to 22.5 million litres (23 th place).

Roust, however, managed to offset the decline of Russian sales growth overseas. Sales owned by mark “Zubrovka” (produced in the Polish plant of the company) has grown in 2015 by 18% to 55.8 million liters, which allowed the brand for the first time to be in the top 5 best selling vodkas in the world. 3% increase and flagship brand “Russian standard”, more than 60% of which is sold in foreign markets.

The volume of all Russian market of vodka, according to Rosstat, in 2015 fell 4% to 639,3 million L.


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