Google announced the launch of apps-FaceTime competitor

Presentation of the application DUO

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The us company Google announced the launch of videomessenger Duo. As the Financial Times, the company strives to catch up in the applications market. Duo should become a competitor to Apple’s FaceTime

Google on Tuesday launch the app for video calls Duo, reports the Financial Times. The publication notes that so Google is trying to catch up on the app market for mobile communication. FT also points out that the company aims to compete with FaceTime, developed by Apple.

Duo — simple app for video calls from one smartphone to another. It will have the option to “Knock Knock”, which allows you to see a caller’s contact how to answer. It is also noted that the Duo users will be able to communicate with anyone who has a mobile number.

According to the head of Google’s applications for mobile communications nick Fox, the company hopes that the Duo will be the main video app for smartphone on Android.

However, an analyst at Creative Strategies Carolina Milanesi questioned the fact that Google will simply get a large number of users of your app. “They’re too late to the party. Android users have found other applications,” she said.

Google tried to imagine Duo features not found in other video applications, and introduced the Knock Knock feature, which allows you to see the source before answering the call. Duo users will be able to contact anyone who has a mobile number.

App Duo will be presented before the messenger Allo, who will have to play a more significant role in the positioning of Google as a company that strive to keep pace with the rapidly changing habits of smartphone owners, said the FT.

FaceTime — technology videosview developed by Apple. It is an integral part of iPhone, iPad and iPpd Touch iPods from the fourth generation and enables video calls between Apple devices.

As pointed out by the FT, Google hopes to use the fact that FaceTime can use only the owners of gadgets Apple. The app is pre-installed on its devices. In turn, the Duo can be installed on any smartphone. This does not require a Google account.

Google already has a Hangouts messenger, which offers video chats. It is installed on all devices with Android operating system.

The app interface is DUO

Photo: Google via AP

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