Google entered into a settlement agreement with the FAS

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The court approved a settlement Google and the Federal Antimonopoly service. Google will not interfere with the installation of alternative services on smartphones and other devices based on the Android operating system. In addition, the company will pay a fine in the amount of 438 million rubles.

Google entered into a settlement agreement with the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) in the case of competition, which stretches from 2015. This was announced by Deputy head of FAS Russia, Alexei Dotsenko at the press conference on Monday, April 17, the correspondent of RBC.

The settlement agreement implies that Google refuses to exclusive presets for their products on smart phones producers in Russia: companies are now able to enter into a commercial agreement with Google and to install any application including the home screen, and American Internet giant will not prevent them from doing.

Also, searching Google will not be the only default search engine. According to the settlement, Google will create a selection window for mobile browsers: when you first open the app the Chrome browser will offer, in addition to Google, alternative programs from other manufacturers that you can set your default search engine. In this regard, will change the search widget: previously on Android, he was represented only by Google search. In the coming months, the U.S. company will release an update for Chrome for Russian users, which widget will appear with the option to set an alternative search.

Any company on commercial terms to conclude agreements with Google to show your browser window select Chrome. Applications must be reviewed within 60 days. In particular, “Yandex” already have such an agreement.

Google also needs to pay a fine to 438 million rubles.

Antitrust case, initiated in February 2015, was initiated after a complaint from Yandex. Russian Internet company is not ustroilo that Google owning the mobile operating system Android, forbids you to preset apps on smartphones and tablets for third-party developers. In particular, “Yandex” faced with the inability to preset your search on devices Fly, Explay and Prestigio.

The regulator has recognized the Google guilty of violating the law “On protection of competition” and ordered the company to exclude from the agreements with the manufacturers requirements that restrict the installation of applications and services of other developers. Google was fined 438 million rubles, the Internet giant tried to challenge the decision of FAS in different courts, but were defeated.

At the end of September 2016, Google started to alert users of Android devices about the possibility to install third-party services and disable pre-installed apps. However, the FAS called the company’s actions are “insufficient”.

About the possibility of signing a settlement agreement in February of this year, said the Deputy chief of legal Department FAS Larissa Vovkivka. She noted that the proposal to the office went Google itself.

Yandex trail

“Yandex” has actively participated in the proceedings before the FAS and Google. In early November 2016, the Internet, the company filed a motion to join the case of Google vs FAS as the third party without independent claims on the grounds that the Russian company initiated antitrust proceedings.

The decision on recognition Google guilty of violating the antitrust legislation of Russia “Yandex”, according to the company, were perceived positively. The General Director of “Yandex” in Russia Alexander Shulgin said earlier that the share of the company in the fall of 2016, after the summer growth, “partially decreased due to the actions of Google on Android and redistributed in favor of search Google”, passed TASS. According to Shulgin, the share of “Yandex” on Android was approximately 38%.

A similar situation

After Google, the FAS started several investigations against major foreign technology companies. At the end of last year “Kaspersky Lab” complained to the FAS on the American Microsoft. According to the latest Russian manufacturer of antivirus software, has abused its dominant position by reducing from two months to six days time for the adaptation of programs produced by third-party developers, operating system-Windows 10. As was stated by the representative of “Kaspersky Lab”, such actions lead to an unjustified advantage for Microsoft in the software market, because the company itself is the developer of antivirus Windows Defender, which is enabled automatically if third-party antivirus software is not managed to adapt to Windows 10.

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