Google has offered FAS to enter into a settlement agreement

Google the American company appealed to the FAS with a proposal to enter into a settlement agreement in the antitrust case, which stretches from 2015. As reported the Deputy chief of Legal Department FAS of Russia Larisa Vovkivka via Telegram-the channel of the Ministry, the appeal was received on 27 February 2017.

“The terms of the settlement agreement has not yet been discussed,” added Vovkivka.

On Tuesday, February 28, was held a regular meeting of the Arbitration court of Moscow district in the main proceedings between Google and FAS. The representative of the press service of Google said RBC that the company has filed a request to postpone a hearing in connection with the possibility of a settlement agreement and all the parties supported it. “The court granted the request and adjourned the hearing for March 27”, — told in an American company.

In February 2015, the FAS launched an investigation against Google for the complaint of “Yandex”, who accused the American company of anticompetitive practices. In particular, the Russian Internet company is not happy that Google owning the mobile operating system Android, allow third-party developers to preinstall their apps on smartphones and tablets. In particular, Yandex claimed that Google banned adding the competitors, the manufacturers Fly, Explay and Prestigio.

The regulator has recognized the Google guilty of violating competition law and ordered the company to exclude from the agreements with the manufacturers requirements that restrict the installation of applications and services of other developers. Later, the American Corporation was fined 438 million rubles. Google disagreed with the decision and tried to appeal the ruling, but to no avail.

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