Google has responded to claims by the European Commission about the restriction of competition

The American Internet company Google has published the official response to the claims Notice from the European Commission, which in April accused the Internet company of abuse of market position in Internet search and mobile applications.

“The Commission’s approach can upset the balance of users and developers and send the unintended signal in favor of closed platforms compared to open. This can cause a number of innovative developments will be reduced, selection will be significantly less competition will decrease and prices will rise. And we’re not the only one who will feel the negative consequences of such actions. They touch and phone manufacturers, and mobile operators, and developers, and most importantly, customers,” wrote a senior Google Vice President for legal Affairs of Kent Walker in a blog of the company.

The European Commission in April accused Google of violating EU competition law. The claim was the fact that the licensing agreement on the use of the app store, Play Store Google demanded that smartphone manufacturers on the Android platform by default to preset search app Google Search and Google Chrome browser. Also, Google was forbidden to produce smartphones for the alternative versions of Android. The fact that Android is built on open source, so any developer can create their own version of the operating system. Finally, Google financial encouraged producers for an exclusive predstavku their search on a mobile device. All this, in the opinion of the regulator, inhibits the development of competition and innovation.

Google, in turn, argues that manufacturers are not required to download its apps on Android phones, but do it, since the proposed set allows you to access the usual services. “On Android devices, Google typically less than one third of pre-installed applications. The user may remove any of our applications at any time. And mobile device manufacturers can preinstall the apps of competitors along with ours. This means that there is no infringement of competition,” says a top Manager of the company.

Earlier, similar charges Google filed the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia. The service found that Google allowed manufacturers Adroid devices install the Google Play app store only with obligatory pre-package their apps and search engines, and demanded to place them in priority positions on the home screen of the gadget. The Internet company has already received 438 million rubles And the FAS initiated a case against Google in February 2015, according to the complaint of “Yandex”, two months ahead of the formal start of the investigation by the European Commission. However, preliminary testing in Europe began in 2013.

Google still has not fulfilled the order of the FAS about elimination of infringements issued in September 2015. For this Antimonopoly service has fined Google an additional 1 million rubles, the Head of FAS Igor Artemyev in an interview with TASS has threatened Internet companies with a lawsuit to compel performance requirements. In this case, the case will move from the field of administrative law in the area of criminal law and top managers of the Corporation can receive two years of imprisonment.

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