Google launched the news check the reliability around the world

Photo: Morris Mac Matzen / Reuters

Google has expanded to the world their service factchecking — check facts for accuracy. Now in search results and news service Google News checked facts or materials will be marked with special marking

Google started to check the news for veracity worldwide, said in a company blog. The service will be available in both search results and news service Google News.

Materials in the service who passed the test administrators will be labeled as a fact check (ie they have been tested for the presence of the actual errors). In the search results when you try to find some fact next to links will appear annotations from sites such as PolitiFact or Snopes, specializing in exposing fakes. They will be reported, it is a fact true or false. Furthermore, according to the company, this option will not work for every request.

Publications published in Google News to get labeling fact check, it is necessary to use special tools that provide, Duke University Reporters Lab and Jigsaw. Will also need to meet all the Google News Publisher designed for publishers.

Earlier Google launched a similar feature in a number of countries, for example, in the UK and the USA. The community involved in factchecking, consists of 115 organizations, the company said.

At the time of publication in the Russian version of Google News, this function is not working. The representative of Google in Russia has not yet responded to questions RBC.

The theme of false news (or fakes) have become important after the presidential election in the U.S. in late 2016. Then Facebook was accused that during election campaign ribbon user filled fake news and put it they have the wrong idea about reality. The social network has also charged that it contributed to the victory of Donald trump. After that, the administration has launched a Facebook campaign against fakes, in particular, has introduced a similar feature factchecking news.

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