“Green shield” needs to be protected

In July, the country started monitoring the implementation of a number of controversial laws, initiated by the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma during the spring session. In their number were the law on the “green shield”, providing for the establishment of forest parks around Russian cities. Despite the fact that the document will come into force only from 1 January 2017, now is the time to assess the readiness of the regions for its execution.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Preliminary results of this work on August 25 discussed in Ulyanovsk on the forum brought together representatives of 35 regional monitoring groups. As told the head of the Federal monitoring team, state Duma Deputy from the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Gutenev, in fact, the law on “green shield” was a response to the request of the society for the protection of nature, preservation of environment around cities. “Deputies from our faction have developed a mechanism that allows to radically change the order of nature in the forest green belts around cities to preserve and increase recreational zone”, — he said.

It is obvious that the law, which hinders the extensive development of forests and former farmland, there are opponents. But monitoring by social activists and environmentalists will not allow to arbitrarily change the borders of a future “green shield” and carry on in the forests is prohibited by law economic activities, sure Gutenev.

Monitoring groups in the regions analyzed, what measures are being taken to improve the environment, establish a dialogue with the residents, opened a “hot line”. The effort has already borne fruit. For example, in Rostov-on-don has started the inspection of green space in the don and municipalities collect information about the facts of negative impact on the environment. And in Nizhny Novgorod monitor the implementation of the ban on the transfer of forest areas for construction of cottage settlements.

The monitoring revealed that many subjects do not complete the procedure of transfer of forest land in municipal property. “In the future it will allow to impose on the city responsibility for the maintenance of forests, including fire safety, control of sanitary condition of forests and the obstruction of the development of its territory,” — said Gutenev.

Speaking at the forum, the coordinator of the party project “Ecology of Russia” in the Samara region Denis Volkov noticed that there are other difficulties that make it difficult to preserve the forest in proper form. “There are contradictions between the information from the State forest register and the documents of territorial planning, master plans of urban districts, urban and rural settlements, rules of land tenure and building”, he said. All this, as well as the violation of the basic norms of environmental culture leads to tragic consequences. “Is squatting for the construction of low-rise housing, restaurants and recreation centers,” — said Volkov. Local inspectors often do not see the violations. So in “ER,” offer to find help at the Federal level. “It is necessary to create the interdepartmental Commission with participation of representatives of the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on check of the facts of illegal construction on forest land. And also check the actions of the Supervisory authorities of the signs of corruption component,” – said Volkov.

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