Hackers found out about the intervention of the US intelligence system, Asian banks

Hacker group TheShadowBrokers uncovered documents showing the interference of American intelligence in the financial systems of the countries of the Middle East and Latin America. As it became known to the hackers, the NSA has gained access to SWIFT, through which was controlled by the cash flows of banks

Hackers from the group TheShadowBrokers uncovered documents which show that American intelligence could intervene in the financial system of the countries of the Middle East and Latin America, reports Reuters.

As told the Agency the consultant on cybersecurity Shane shook, which helped the banks to investigate violations of their systems SWIFT, the release of the intruders had included software code that may be adapted by criminals to hack servers interbank exchange financial messages with the purpose of monitoring the activity of credit institutions.

Reuters notes that some hacker group released the documents is the official seal of the national security Agency of the United States. Their authenticity, the Agency can not confirm. The division of the American intelligence information to the media has not yet commented.

The press service of the SWIFT, the Agency stated that currently they have no evidence of unauthorized access to the system.

According to Shane shook, published by the hackers data can lead to new frauds like those that occurred in March 2016 in Bangladesh, when the attackers tried to withdraw from account of the Central Bank of the country of $951 million, where Most of the action was blocked, however, $81 million had to transfer to accounts in the Philippines. Of involvement in the theft of funds investigators suspected hackers from Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

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