“I was joking”: the mufti Berdiyev finally abandoned the idea of female circumcision

Mufti Ismail Berdiyev, who became involved in scandal after his words about the need for universal circumcision for women, finally abandoned them under the threat of criminal prosecution.

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Retreated from his position, the priest gradually. On Monday, he said that he approved the removal of women’s clitoris, as this measure helps to curb the zeal”.

On Wednesday, in the morning with more detailed comments, he said that “we need all women to trim to debauchery was not on the Earth, to sexuality decreased. Sexuality, he explained, for him it is synonymous with sin and debauchery.

Later, after rose scandal, Byrd said that it does not call trim for all women, since “it is impossible”. He is only concerned with the problem of “debauchery”.

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Finally, finally refused the mufti from his position in an interview with “Medusa”: it turned out that his words were a “joke”: “I jokingly said well if I did that everywhere. But people don’t understand”.

However, after the clarifying questions again revealed that overall, Byrd is not against of self-mutilation, savagery, he believes only holding on in the “primitive conditions”. By itself circumcision, completely denying women sexual sensitivity, in his opinion, “no effect”. Pleasure a woman, I am sure the mufti will be obtained in the case, if she has a good husband and family and sexuality, he “doesn’t know”.

The priest also began to talk about Satan’s influence on the women who go without a headscarf and doing hair.

We will remind that the Prosecutor General’s office has promised to check the address of the member OP singer Diana Gurtskaya on the practice of female circumcision in Dagestan, which was the subject of the expert report “the Legal initiative”. In addition, the possible involvement of endorsing the mutilation of the mufti to criminal liability, expressed and lawyers.

However, there were those who supported the priest: it was made by the Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Vsevolod Chaplin has declared that the tradition of female circumcision in the time-honored and Orthodox women, it’s probably not necessary as they are already alien debauchery.

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