Importers of wine, made a withdrawal of 80% of the companies from Russia due to the actions of the Ministry of Finance

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The Ministry of Finance signed the order, which deprives importers of wine to enjoy the reduced rate of excise duty. Market participants warn that this could lead to the departure 80% of the companies from Russia

The Ministry of Finance signed the order, which takes under a reduced excise duty of imported wine with a protected geographical indication (ZSU) and the protected designation of origin (SNMP). About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to the document.

In a letter to the first Deputy head of the FCS Ruslan Davidov said that reduced rates for still and sparkling wines with ZSU and SNMP is only possible if the subject of the Russian Federation determines the geographic features, the boundaries of which produced this drink. The Agency, explaining its position, refers to 171-FZ on state regulation of alcohol. In a press-service of the Ministry of Finance of the authenticity of the letter confirmed.

The interlocutors of “Kommersant” among the managers of several large branded companies told that the decree of the Ministry of Finance began to market a complete surprise. According to them, the customs authorities have already informally notified the individual importers that they may have to pay the difference in excise taxes for the item with ZSU and SNMP. Perhaps be obliged to assess additional excise tax since the introduction of the reduced rate from 1 January 2016.

“For some large companies the size of additionally charged excise taxes can exceed 100 million rubles,” — says one of the interlocutors edition.

The owner of the company “Moro” Dmitry Crude in comments the newspaper said that do calculations for the assessment of additional excise taxes. He said he was willing to go to court, in case of receiving official notification on this matter. Raw expressed concern that such measures of the Ministry of Finance can lead to the fact that most importers of wine can be ruined. “The market may take 80% of the companies that can actually stop the import,” he warned.

Another wine importer, talked to Kommersant, outraged, why the office may oblige them to pay the excise tax retroactively.

“We gave the correct customs Declaration check, no questions. And now, after a year and a half, we are told, Oh, excuse me, we have somehow miscalculated the excise tax,” he said.

The President “distrust Ladoga” Veniamin Grabar said that he had heard of the change of rates on imported wine. According to him, insisted on a Russian alcoholic beverage producers.

The Director of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Sazanov explained that the initiative of the Ministry needs to support Russian producers of wine.

“The issue in the correct understanding of the branch of the law, its system of interpretation, which implies that wine with a protected name can only be produced in Russia”, — he said.

Carp forwarded the question to the Federal customs service regarding the additional excise duty from the importers. The official stressed that the opportunity they have. Comments of the FCS and the Central excise customs “Kommersant” could not be obtained.

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