In a falling market press sales grew up in the “Mail of Russia” and supermarkets

Photo: Kirill Braga / RIA Novosti

Of the printing press in the offices of “Mail of Russia” and in the supermarkets in 2016 has increased. But it does not save the market from falling as a whole. The main sales channel of paper media kiosks and pavilions — continues to decline

Volumes of retail sales of the press in the offices of “Mail of Russia” in 2016 amounted to RUB 4.6 billion, an increase of 13%. About the same (12.8%), they increased in the previous year, the report said postal operator (have RBC). This is due to the “interaction with publishers and distributors conducted market shares”, given in the message word the Deputy Director of “Mail of Russia” in the mail business Inessa Galaktionova. In addition, the operator uniting 42 thousand branches in the country to partially reimburse losses from the closure of specialized sales networks.

Showed positive dynamics and supermarkets, told RBC Chairman of the Board of Association of distributors of printed matter (ARPP) Alexander Oskin. According to the organization, sold in them the circulation has increased in ruble terms by 9% due to the increase in the number of points with the press in FMCG networks.

The main channel of distribution of printed media remain the kiosks and pavilions, but sales are falling. Themselves and the number of street points of sales in 2016 by 17% to about 25 thousand, says Oskin.

Thus, according to reason, in General, retail sales of printed media in Russia was reduced in 2016 by 7%, to 43.2 billion roubles, which corresponds to the global trend, and sales of circulation by 17%. “Growth in two segments (retail, Mail and network FMCG) does not cover the lost profits of other retail sales channels (kiosks, pavilions, press booths and other),” — says the representative of the ARPP.

The greatest loss in real terms suffered a computer and youth publications (minus 18-20%), says Oskin. Men’s, automotive, business, information and news media have reduced the circulation of 14-15%. The collector’s edition, patwari, TV guides, women’s and interior of the edition is 10-12%. More stable is the publication about the garden and orchard, colors, as well as those that are designed for children. Their circulation has declined on average by 3-5%.

At the same time decreased and the advertising revenues of the printed press. In 2016, they amounted to 21 billion rubles., which is 10-14% less than in 2015, wrote “Kommersant” with reference to the ARPP.

According to Association of communication agencies of Russia (AKAR), in the first three quarters of 2016, the printing press only one of the segments showed a decline in advertising — they dropped by 15%, up to RUB 14 billion. Although the overall advertising market grew by 13% to 240 billion rubles (data for the year not yet published). The biggest decline in the print media segment had the advertising publications (30%). Newspapers and magazines have reduced the amount of advertising in this period by 13% and 9%, respectively, compared to data for the year 2015.

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