In a speech criticizing trump Clinton has charged to Putin

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Hillary Clinton in one of the toughest speeches against his rival in the presidential race, billionaire Donald trump called President of Russia Vladimir Putin “godfather” of global nationalism

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton made one of the toughest speeches against his rival Donald trump’s all-time presidential campaign. She accused the billionaire of racism and reliance on “paranoid”, by radical elements in the Republican party, the promotion of “dark” conspiracy theories and made an attack on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The recording of Clinton is, on its official YouTube channel, the transcript of the speech quotes The Washington Post.

Speaking to supporters in Reno, Nevada, Clinton said about the ideological proximity of trump, the former leader of the British independence Party Nigel Farage and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Support trump for marginal groups who reject traditional American values, is “part of the broader story — the rising tide of radical right-wing nationalism around the world,” she said. “The godfather of this global style of extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin,” Clinton said.

“From the beginning, Donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He brings groups advocating hatred and discrimination in mainstream and helps radical renegades to capture the Republican party,” Clinton said. In her opinion, “a person who is long known for racial discrimination, which draws on thoughts from the dark conspiracy theories and far, the darkest fringes of the Internet, should never be at the head of [us] government or the armed forces.”

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Clinton directly linked the campaign with trump online movement of supporters of white supremacy Alt-Right. Last week, trump has hired the General Manager of his election campaign leader of the conservative website Breitbart News Stephen Bannon, at which site, by his own admission, became a platform for Alt-Right. According to CNN, members of the movement to communicate mainly in the Internet, in blogs or on the forums, reddit or 4chan, American reject multiculturalism and “political correctness”, they feel threatened by the immigrants.

Trump responded to attacks on Clinton during a speech to supporters in new Hampshire. “People who want to see their laws fulfilled and respected, <…> their border was protected, not racist. People who speak frankly about radical Islam and who are warning about the dangers of refugees, not Islamophobia,” said the Republican candidate.

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