In Russia decided to create a competitor to SpaceX rockets

The launch of the carrier rocket “proton-M”

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS

Roscosmos is working on creating a light version of the rocket “proton”. It is planned that it will compete with the rockets of the American company SpaceX. The first launch of “proton Lite” could take place in 2018

In Russia the work on creation of the carrier rocket “proton Lite”, which will compete with the rocket company SpaceX. This was told to journalists the General Director of the Khrunichev Center Andrey Kalinovsky, reports “Interfax”.

He said that the project is in the stage of decision making. “Go procedural issues necessary for decision making, coordinate the necessary forms, specifications”, — quotes Agency the words Kalinowski.

The first launch of “Proton Lite”, according to him, can be produced in 2018.

“Of course, it will be cheaper. The rocket will rival SpaceX,” — said Kalinowski, noting that work is underway on several options.

“The challenge to use the ingredients that are available. Expanding the application range of payloads, taking into account the trends that are on the market. Expand the possibilities of “Proton” in one direction, to lift heavier vehicles, and at the bottom,” he explained.

SpaceX is an American company founded by Elon Musk in 2002. The company is engaged in manufacture of space technics. Previously, SpaceX has successfully developed and launched into space launch vehicle light class Falcon 1 and medium-class Falcon 9. The company has several successful attempts of landing the lower stage of the Falcon 9 on land and offshore platforms. The company currently has under development the carrier rocket heavy class Falcon Heavy.

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