In Russia established a secure operating system

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Association “ presented the Russian version of the Tizen operating system for mobile devices and the Internet of things. The development cost $1.5 million On the basis of the Russian version of the OS is already running a Samsung Z3

About creating a Russian version of the operating system (OS) Tizen was announced on 2 June. Tizen is OS independent, meaning it is not tied to Apple or Google cloud, so it can be adapted to local markets, said the President of the Association “” Andrey Tikhonov. The main feature of the OS — in its security, said Tikhonov.

On the development OS for years worked as members of the Association, Theisen.<url>”, which includes 11 organizations, among them — “Samsung Elektroniks Rus KOMPANI” (Russian “daughter” of Samsung), research and testing Institute of systems of maintenance of complex security of NII SOKB), T1 Group (Renova group), the developer of software for law enforcement agencies, “Sphere”, “New cloud”, etc. Funds for development is the membership fees of participating companies of the Association. Total investment exceeded $1.5 million, said Tikhonov.

“We took the international system, removed a layer of security and modified it,” — said Tikhonov. According to him, the Association is ready to share their experience in the field of security with the international consortium of Tizen. The specialists of NII SOKB has developed safety requirements OS (they are in the document) taking into account the Russian legislation, said the General Director of the Institute Igor Kalaida. After that, the organization has modified the OS itself, in accordance with these requirements, he added. At the moment the operating system has a security certificate FSTEC, Kalaida said.

The first smartphone in which you installed the Russian version of Tizen, Samsung was the Z3, said Tikhonov. It is the most protected on the smartphone market, he insists. Tikhonov expects that by the end of 2016, the Association will be able to sell to 50 thousand devices. At the moment there are negotiations with several partners, but have not yet called them. About 2 thousand devices test now employees of NII SOKB, he said.

Under the Russian version of their Tizen mobile applications have already been developed by the company “New cloud” — mail and program for displaying documents, said Director of products “Maiofis” for the mass market and education Minister Peter Shcheglov. In the next three months the company will release a full-fledged text editor under Tizen, he added.

Another product adapted under the Russian version of Tizen from Russian search engine “Sputnik”. Companies interested in the creation of a secure system to a user because there is a desire to be present in such products as secure mobile, secure operating system and secure enterprise services, said the representative of “Satellite” Dmitry Chistov. “We made the browser for Tizen. This is the first product for us, focused on corporate users,” added Chistov.

The CPU developed by the Russian company “Baikal electronics” — is currently working on adapting its product Baikal-T1 under Tizen OS, said the representative of the “Baikal electronics”. Specific dates for the release of the product he did not name.

Tizen can be used not only as a safe mobile OS, but also as a platform for the Internet of things, cars, TVs, security systems, etc., said Tikhonov. For example, a person insures the car. The insurance company may grant the client a discount if he gently leads. In the presence inside the car OS with a certificate FSTEC company is confident that its impossible to hack and manipulate the data, Tikhonov explains. In the future he plans to develop Tizen for these platforms.

For Samsung Tizen operating system has become the second product that the company develops on the global market. In 2010 the company produced an inexpensive and popular in Russia, the phones based on Bada OS. In 2013, Samsung announced the merger of Bada with Tizen. “Programming is like a branch of a large tree, and at some point it became clear that it grows in the wrong direction. And instead of rebuild, it was easier to grow a new tree, getting rid of problems faced in the cultivation of the first”, — explained the reason for the refusal of the Bada head of Samsung Mobile in Russia Arkady Graf in an interview with RBC.


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