In St. Petersburg will check the legality of the contract for the restoration of the “Aurora”

The cruiser Aurora in the Neva river

Photo: Sergey Guneev/RIA Novosti

Office of the FAS in St. Petersburg will check the state contract of the Ministry of defence worth 840 million rubles for the reconstruction of the cruiser “Aurora”. Weekend updated the ship was visited by President Vladimir Putin

Management of Federal Antimonopoly service (UFAS) across St.-Petersburg will check on compliance with the laws of the state contract for the restoration of the cruiser “Aurora”. This is stated in the message Department.

The test is unplanned, started on 1 August and ends 30 August, said the service. As explained RBC representative, everything is a consequence of the complaint to the state contract, which in may at the FAS filed, OOO “Rubin”. The Department declared the application unfounded, but found “additional evidence of violations of the law”. About which violations there is a speech, the representative of the FAS did not speak.

The customer of works on restoration of the “Aurora” was the Ministry of defense, March 20, 2015 signed a contract with the Kronstadt naval factory. Was repaired the hull, machinery, electrical equipment, ship space. The number of exhibition halls of the ship Museum was increased from six to nine. According to the Board of Trustees of the “Aurora” the cost of repairs amounted to about 840 million rubles.

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What happened to the “Aurora”: as the cruiser was transferred to Kronstadt

The legendary cruiser “Aurora” on September 21 was towed from the Parking lot at Petrovskaya embankment in Saint-Petersburg to Kronstadt naval plant of the defense Ministry. There he will dock repair…

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In July, the Aurora returned to its original place, at the Petrogradskaya embankment in St. Petersburg. Sunday, July 31, the cruiser was visited by President Vladimir Putin. Climbing aboard, he examined the upper deck and the radio. The commander of the cruiser ” Znamenshchikov told the President about the reconstruction of the ship, and also about the concept of reconstruction of the Nakhimov naval school in Petrograd embankment.

The cruiser “Aurora” — a historical monument of Russian shipbuilding and naval fleet. He passed major repairs and modernization in 1906-1908, 1916-1917, 1922-1923.

To receive the comment from the defense Ministry and the Kronstadt marine plant has not yet succeeded.

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