In the US, explained the arrest of a Russian programmer in spamming

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

The U.S. justice Department explained the detention of a Russian Peter Levashov that he was involved in sending spam using a botnet. Earlier it was reported that the programmer was suspected in cyber attacks during the American elections

Russian programmer Peter Levashov, who was detained in Spain at the request of the U.S., is accused of sending spam using a botnet. This is stated in the official statement of the Ministry of justice.

From the document follows that Levashov detained during the operation to stop the activities of a botnet called Kelihos. According to authorities, the programmer ran it in 2010. “On 8 April we launched an operation to block malicious domains associated with the Kelihos botnet in order to prevent the further spread of malware. This case demonstrates the FBI’s commitment to the principle of the pursuit and eradication of cyber threats, no matter where in the world they are” — presented in the statement of the word the agent of the Federal Bureau of investigation, Charge of Ritzman.

The statement of the Ministry of justice also reported that the Kelihos botnet “had generated and distributed huge amounts of junk emails,” in which, inter alia, contained advertising of counterfeit medicines.

According to the British organization Spamhaus, which tracks spammers, the namesake of Peter Levashov (Peter Levashov) is ranked seventh in the top 10 global spammers. The organization calls it one of the “kings of spam”.

9 APR Levashov’s wife reported that he was detained during a vacation in Barcelona. This information was confirmed by the consular Department of the Embassy of Russia in Spain. A programmer’s wife told RT that the Russian suspected of involvement in hacking attacks during the presidential elections in the United States.

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