Investigators found the main cause of seizure Petrosian Moscow Bank

The investigative Committee called the cause of the seizure of a Bank in Moscow businessman Aram Petrosyan. The Agency came to the conclusion that desperate step he was pushed hard financial situation and huge debts.


Aram Petrosyan

“As the primary motive of the investigators of the Main investigation Department consider the difficult financial situation and the inability to fulfill the obligations under the credit agreements to various banks”, – the press service of the TFR.

During interrogation, the man explained that he wanted to draw attention to the problem. Petrosyan pleaded guilty and stressed that he did not plan to kill anyone.

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Note that in relation to a criminal case under the article hostage-taking involving two or more persons with the use of the object as a weapon”.

Two days ago, a man took four hostages at the Bank’s office on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. When he was threatened with a fake explosive device attached to his chest (later revealed that it was a pack of salt with wires). After several hours of negotiations, the businessman let go of people and gave up.

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Hostage invader Bank Petrosian: “He called himself a suicide bomber”

Note that a few years ago Petrosyan founded the so-called “Agency of equal opportunities, as well as recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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