Investigators will examine video Odintsova falling pipe on the head of a man

A metal pipe that had fallen from the roof of a house, was fatally injured 55-the summer inhabitant of Odintsovo, Moscow region on Thursday. Only by a miracle was not injured by his small son who were nearby.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As reported by “MK” in law enforcement, at 17.00 local resident Alexander went for a walk with the baby to the Playground on the street of Marshal Krylov. Enough to walk up with the child, dad went home, as soon as work had to come wife Svetlana (she worked as a nanny). The head of the family planned to cook the wife dinner in the family he was responsible for the culinary achievements.. But as soon as Alexander walked up to her porch, with the roof of the house fell metal pipe with a length of 3 meters. Piece of iron smashed the unfortunate head. The witnesses, among whom was a doctor, tried to provide first medical aid, but the result is not brought. Alexander died on the spot before arrival of physicians.

Police examined the scene, where presumably could fall down the pipe. After the roof inspection, together with the utilities they came to the conclusion that this pipe is not part or element of the roof. The same investigators during the inspection of the attic found the marks allegedly left behind from the move ill-fated subject. One version — on the roof slipped teenagers who threw the piece of iron. By the way, a month ago with this house brick fell on a parked car “BMW”.Sledovateli Nazarene study the videos — maybe they’ll clarify the picture of the tragedy.

As reported senior assistant Manager GUS RF IC for the Moscow region Olga Brady, on this fact being tested, the results will be a procedural decision.


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