Italian earthquake: medieval bell tower survived, renovated school – no

Italy continues to count the losses incurred as a result of strong earthquake in the Central part of the country. Destroyed many buildings, among which hundreds have historical significance. Badly damaged infrastructure. To the restoration would require tens of millions of euros. But the most irreparable losses became human life. According to the latest (mid-day Friday), the victims of the underground disaster were 267 people.


The Central part of the Apennine Peninsula continue to beat the aftershocks at that time, as the search continues for survivors and victims in the ruins. In search operations involved about 5400 rescuers, firefighters, soldiers and volunteers. They help fifty dogs. Sorting piles of stone, concrete and metal, they try to find survivors among the wreckage. In l’aquila in 2009, the last of the survivors were able to detect 72 hours after the earthquake.

The region’s authorities declared a state of emergency. The Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi ordered to provide 50 million Euro as a first aid to the affected areas. It’s not just about rebuilding houses and infrastructure, but also the resettlement of hundreds of people who find themselves without a roof over your head. Someone from survivors forced to sleep in cars. Someone in the camp. There were also looters: arrested 45-year-old Neapolitan, who tried to ransack abandoned homes in Amatrice.

Given the fact that local media reported about 40 victims are in critical condition, the number of casualties could rise. Among those killed in the earthquake were few foreigners – citizens of Romania, great Britain, Canada, Spain and El Salvador.

Most people died in the medieval town of Amatrice with the population of 2.5 thousand people. His last year was recognized as one of Italy’s most beautiful historic cities – it is not surprising that in the summer a lot of tourists, who want not only to enjoy beautiful views, but also to visit the annual food festival.

The questions arise why so many people died in the region having the reputation of one of the most seismically active in Europe.

After the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in 2009 in nearby l’aquila (then killed more than three hundred people), the Italian authorities have allocated 1 billion euros for modernisation of buildings in the region. According to experts, up to 70 percent of buildings in Italy do not meet the standards for seismic safety. Experts believe that the reconstruction of all historical buildings in Italy in accordance with the norms of seismic safety can “fly” in the 90 billion Euro!

Here, in the center of the seismic zone, nothing was done, told the AFP news Agency member of the Council of Italian architects Dario Nanni.

According to the Ministry of culture, in the end, the last earthquake were damaged or completely destroyed 293 historic buildings. And it already announced the investigation: will anyone be held accountable?

Now the question arose, why in Amatrice badly damaged the school, which was restored in sustainability with the money from the special Fund after the l’aquila earthquake of 2009. In this city of the XIII century bell tower remained standing.

We could prevent all these deaths – Associated Press quoted a member of the national Council of engineers Armando Zambrano. The problem is that we need to do something. These tragedies happen because of our inaction. After every tragedy we say that we must act, but in a few weeks and nothing happens.”

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