Kiev is trying to shake off Gazprom’s 26 billion dollar armored “Mercedes”

Ukraine is looking for a way not to pay its debts with Russia. In particular, “Naftogaz” declared that will demand from “Gazprom” in the Stockholm arbitration of $26.6 billion penalty, which the Russian side allegedly not paid for the transit of “blue fuel” through Ukrainian territory to Europe. Experts are puzzled: payment of transit enshrined in intergovernmental agreements and Kiev regularly gets the money. In “Gazprom” to “Naftogaz” is a counter-suit — or $38.7 billion Is debt on the loan taken three years ago, the debts owed, but not paid gas, and other obligations, attested in the Russian-Ukrainian energy agreements. According to experts, the Russian charges, Ukrainian is much more significant and, most likely, the court will take our side. Apparently realizing that “Naftogaz” to communicate with “Gazprom” in Stockholm has announced a tender for the purchase of armored Mercedes Benz S600 GUARD for about 13.5 million rubles.


Just a week ago Kiev said that is not going to give our country a debt of $3 billion in bonds bought by Moscow from Ukraine in 2013. According to the Ukrainian Finance Minister Alexander danyluk, the loan is “political.” In other words, it was a bribe to former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for the loyalty to Vladimir Putin, and it is not necessary to pay.

Russia took this attack quite calmly. In the Kremlin have noticed that our country reserves the right to respond as expected in the framework of existing international law. Moreover, the Russian Ministry of Finance has already sent to London’s High court a lawsuit against Ukraine. Its examination might take one year, however, experts believe that truth is on our side and Kiev will eventually have to fork out. Otherwise, Russia will get the opportunity to arrest Ukrainian state property, and not only in our country but also in other States.

Kiev it was not enough. “Naftogaz” said that it would require us $26.6 billion from Gazprom in the Stockholm arbitration court. The money allegedly underpaid by Russia for the transit of “blue fuel” through Ukraine, since 2009 to the current year.

The statement is more than strange. Last year the average tariff for transit of 1 thousand cubic meters of Russian gas per 100 km through Ukraine under the contract was $2,73. This year he had to crawl to $4,07, and with the value added tax for services in transit imposed by Ukraine, almost to $4.9. In other words, Russia has started to pay for transit almost twice as much. But the cost of supplies of Russian gas, which Kiev was constantly trying to shoot down on Ukrainian pipes were tied to the price of fuel, which our country supplies to Ukraine. From 2014 these supplies are stopped, Ukraine buys gas at the direction — reversal in Europe that cost much more. Therefore, the reasons for its attempts to confront Russia in the Stockholm court is not clear, to win so it will not be something that is not simple, and impossible.

But the claims of “Gazprom” to Ukraine and directly to Naftogaz documented. In the relations between major suppliers and buyers of fuel there are various types of risks. Among them, it often happens that the buyer refuses to consume the amount. For the provider, this translates into significant financial losses. This situation is as specified in the agreement, and the buyer promises to pay for even what is not formally required. This principle is called “take or pay”. He was recorded in the Russian-Ukrainian gas agreement. Kiev permanently reduced the volume of gas purchases, but to pay the difference didn’t want. As a result, over several years collected more than $20 billion in penalties. In addition, there is still a debt of $2.2 billion for gas that Ukraine has mastered, but not paid. So that the Russian requirements are much greater than the Ukrainian one.

However, according to the head of a direction “Finance and Economics” Institute of contemporary development Nikita Maslennikov, the resolution of this dispute could take years. However, in the foreseeable future such lawsuits threaten to bring Kiev into serious trouble. If London’s High court will examine Russia’s demands to pay off the loan of Ukraine on bonds of $3 billion, which Kiev do not want to pay, recognize the loan default, the IMF will not give Kiev a loan of $4.3 billion which is promised to provide up to the end of the year as well as any other loans. “This applies not only to sovereign and commercial loans. In fact, Ukraine will remain without external Fund support, which was expected, and without which it will not survive,” — says Nikita Maslennikov.

It is worth noting that Ukraine has its own views how to beat Gazprom in the Stockholm court. As stated by the press service of “Naftogaz”, the company announced a tender for the purchase of armored Mercedes Benz S600 GUARD for the price of about 5 million hryvnia or about 13.5 million rubles. This acquisition required the head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” A. KOBOLEV, to minimize the risks of litigation with Gazprom in Stockholm. “The basis for this decision is the standard business logic, similar in nature to the purchase of an insurance policy: it is better to spend a small percentage now to minimize the risk of loss of an asset (whole or substantial part) in the future. Asset is the potential benefit from winning in the Stockholm arbitration”, — is spoken in the message “Naftogaz”.

As for the expense of armoured Mercedes Kobelev will be able to ensure the correctness of the company is unclear. Except that it will be on it to go directly to the courtroom?

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