Kommersant learned about the shortfall in state support of mortgage

About 30 thousand applications for restructuring of mortgage loans will not be supported by the government as allocated for the implementation of the programme funds have already been allocated

In February-April 2017 to restructure troubled mortgage loans under the state programs, there were more than 30 thousand applications, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”. However, borrowers do not receive assistance, as allocated 4.5 billion rubles have already been distributed.

According to the plan, the program was run until may 31, and it is on this date focused borrowers who collected the documents. However, there was a condition that the program will cease to operate as full waste of funds.

The citizens whose applications are not met, do not compensate for the costs they incurred in gathering the necessary documents, including pay of certificates from the Unified state register of real estate.

The assistance program mortgage borrowers started to work in April 2015. It included the restructuring of distressed mortgages at a rate not exceeding 12% per annum. The Agency for housing mortgage lending was banks to compensate part of the monthly payment to the borrower, each of which could count on state aid in the amount of not more than 600 thousand.

As told the newspaper the Deputy Chairman of Absolut Bank Tatiana Ushkov, people took the time to apply including on the basis of statements of officials regarding the possible extension of the program. However, according to “Kommersant”, a common position on whether to extend the program and additional funds have offices there.

The publication notes that among the counting on the extension of the program there were those who deliberately stopped servicing the loans, relying on preferential terms of repayment. “Now they will have to return to service debt, but also to repay accrued interest and penalties”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper in one of the banks.

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