Leonid Parfyonov will return to TV with the project “the other day at the karaoke”

Leonid Parfyonov

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

Leonid Parfyonov will return to TV as the lead of the project “the other day at karaoke” on channel RTVi. The new project will combine two formats — analytical “the other day” and the entertaining “Old songs about the main”

TV presenter Leonid Parfenov will take over the show “the other day at karaoke” on channel RTVi. The show will be weekly. Now we are working on the creation of 14 issues, the first of which will be aired on RTVi in may-early June. About it RBC said the General producer of TV channel Alexey Pivovarov.

“It’s a mix of two projects of Leonid Gennadievich, namely “Namedni: Nasha era”, where he analyzes and describes Soviet history, and the project “Old songs about the main”, which he invented in the 1990s, starting the still ongoing wave song of nostalgia for the Soviet Union”, — said the Pivovarov.

According to him, in every issue Parfenov will discuss with the invited guest some historical stage, which is connected with the famous song, after which the host and guest will to do it. “We’re pretty familiar with Leonid Parfenov, more than 20 years. We offered him the idea of the project was discussed, and he agreed,” said Brewers.

Leonid Parfenov is a five — time winner of the “TEFI”, member of the presidential Council for civil society development and human rights. In different years he led the program “Portrait in the background”, “Old songs about the main thing”, was the author and host of Sunday current Affairs program “Namedni”, TV project “the Russian Empire” and others. In 2004 the program “recently” on NTV was closed for the story about Chechnya, Parfenov was fired. Subsequently, he created the series of books “recently”.

From 2004 to 2007 Parfenov worked as chief editor of the magazine “Russian Newsweek”. In 2009 he was a member of the jury in the program “Minute of fame” in 2010 led the program “What our years!” on “the First channel” together with Tatyana Arno. From 8 April to 24 June 2012 on the TV channel “Rain” has left the program “Parfyonov and Pozner”. In March 2013, Parfenov became the leading socio-political “weekly TV magazine” “Parfenov”, which was shown on the channel “Rain”, but closed soon after its premiere.

Parfenov in parallel was engaged in the creation of documentary films that came out on the “First channel”, including “Bird-Gogol”, “Lucy”, “Zvorykin-Muromets”, “the Ridge of Russia” and others. In 2016, the film he released his documentary “Russian Jews”.

The international television channel RTVi appeared in 1997 as the international division of the NTV. In 2012 it was bought by the General Director of TV channel “Zvezda” Ruslan Sokolov. In December 2016 it became known that the General producer of the channel assigned to Alexey Pivovarov.

The channel broadcasts in the Russian language in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, and also in the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Australia, the UK, Spain and the Baltic States. Its audience reaches 25 million people. In Russia the RTVi programs available to satellite and some cable networks.

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