Lost domain ɢoogle.com Russia has filed a lawsuit against Ru-Center

Photo: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Russian Vitaly Popov, who created the website ɢoogle.com filed in the Samara court against Ru-Center. He believes that the Russian Registrar of domain names illegally deprived of its website after a complaint from Google

The inhabitant of Samara Vitaly Popov, who lost the rights to use the created site ɢoogle.com due to complaints by Google, filed in the district court of Samara the claim to Regional network information center (Ru-Center). This was Popov told RBC.

As noted in the lawsuit, on March 3, 2017 the Respondent JSC “Regional network information centre”, he was seized domain name ɢoogle.com (xn-oogle-wmc.com) and transferred to a third party. Popov asks the court to order the Ru-Center to return a domain name, and to restore the provision of services under the contract.

In mid-February it became known that the American Corporation Google has made to the deprivation of Russian Vitaly Popov rights to use the domain ɢoogle.com in which instead of the letter “G” was used Unicode symbol 0262 — “ɢ”. The decision was taken legal institution for dispute resolution National Arbitration Forum Inc.

“The Registrar [of Ru-Center] even in a written pre-trial claim, a written response with the signature is not sent. By email only sent some left excuse, without signatures, of course. I have the feeling that they hold me for a fool,” — said Popov RBC.

In a press-service Ru-Center, said that while the lawsuit Popova received. “When you get sued, lawyers will study it and we will create a position”, — said the representative of the press service.

Popov also announced that on may 12, sent a statement to General Prosecutor’s office, which was asked to check for compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation of the actions of Ru-Center, Google Inc. and National Arbitration Forum Inc. (United States), which passed the decision on deprivation Popov rights to use the domain.

The press service of the Prosecutor General of RBC confirmed receipt of the statement, saying that while decisions it is not accepted.

Dispute Popov and Google for the first time in early February, according to the portal Vice Motherboard. It was noted that the American company appealed to the National Arbitration Forum Inc with the complaint to the Russian that owns the domain ɢoogle.com. The complaint stated that Popov is engaged in phishing and uses the website, the address of which differs from the domain search engine just one symbol, to spread malicious programs. Popov said that these accusations are “false”.

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