“Magnet” has ranked as the most innovative companies according to Forbes

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“Magnet”, as in 2015, was the only Russian company included in the ranking of the 100 most innovative companies in the world by Forbes. The leader of the ranking remained Tesla Motors

American Forbes on Wednesday published a ranking of the 100 most innovative companies in the world. The only Russian company represented in the list are retailer Magnit, founded by billionaire Sergey Galitsky (17-th place in the rating of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes, the assessment of the state — $5.7 billion).

“Magnet” is in the ranking 46th place. The company was in the ranking of the most innovative companies in 2015, but then, she took 23rd place.

Leadership in the ranking of the most innovative companies saved the electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors. In second place — the developer of a cloud-based CRM system Salesforce.com. Closes the top three biopharmaceutical company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

In the top ten most innovative companies only one participant from outside the US is Unilever Indonesia, occupying the eighth place. The rating also included Amazon.com (11-e a place), Netflix (15th place), Visa (27th place), MasterCard (31-e a place), Starbucks (42nd place) and Coca-Cola (93rd place).

The Forbes methodology is based on the principle of “the wisdom of crowds” explains the publication. Log in determining the rating takes into account the instinct of investors who identify companies with innovative business models. Companies on the list are ranked according to the so-called innovation premium is the difference between the market capitalization and discounted cash flow from existing business. According to estimates Forbes, Coca-Cola it is 39.7%, Magnit — 48,5%, and Tesla Motors — to 82.4%.

The rating can get only public company with a market capitalization of at least $10 billion that are spent on the exchange not less than seven years. For this reason the rating is not the social network Facebook, which held an IPO in 2012, says Forbes. The list also does not include banks and other financial institutions and resource companies whose market capitalization is tied more to the price of resources, not innovation.

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