“Mail of Russia” has suspended the sale of some brands

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“Mail of Russia” suspends sales of several stamps issued by the ITC “Marka”. The conflict between the two state enterprises has arisen from the fact that stamps are easy to forge and the delivery of mail “Mail” is losing billions of rubles

FGUP “Mail of Russia” stops selling certain brands in their offices “in connection with the ongoing analysis of qualitative characteristics of several types of labeling products” should be of the order signed by General Director of the enterprise Dmitry Strashnov.

In the document, which is available to RBC, we are talking about the four stamps issued in 2015 and 2016. To determine the timing and order of removal from the postal network is needed before December 1, 2016, specified in the order.

The manufacturer of these brands is the publishing and trading centre “Marka” under the jurisdiction of the Federal communications Agency, which exclusively realizes in Russia the publication and distribution of postage — stamps, artistic stamped envelopes, postal cards and Telegraph forms. According to the catalogue published on the official website of centre “Marka in 2015, he has released a total of 141 brand, in 2016-m — 98.

The press service of “Mail of Russia” declined to comment before the advent of official information. The representative of ITC “Marka” refused to comment on the situation, calling it “an internal affair” of state organizations.

A source close to “Mail of Russia” says that we are talking about undeclared branded products. “In fact, brand is a surrogate currency because they are a payment for services provided by the post office. These stamps do not have the appropriate levels of protection, they have no water Gosznak, to the extent that people on a color printer print them and then mail services”, — says the interlocutor of RBC. According to him, last week in the “Mail of Russia” signed an order to suspend procurement of brands from ITC “Marka”.

In March 2016, the Deputy General Director of “Mail of Russia” in the mail business Inessa Galaktionova said that within five years the service has received damage of more than 28 billion roubles from-for “grey mail”. Estimated sources RBC, close to “Mail of Russia”, the annual loss of mail ranged from 7 billion to 10 billion rubles.

The problem of counterfeit marks exist in the USSR and worsened in modern Russia, says the President of the Russian national Academy of philately Andrey Strygin. According to him, more forged standard stamps that are produced in the millions, at least — of the art, the circulation of which is limited to tens of thousands of copies. If you currently have standard grades good enough degree of protection, says Strygin. These include, for example, relief print with embossing, the use of cutting and printing standards are regularly changed by the manufacturer. “Do not presume to assess the loss of “Mail of Russia” can only say that they are significantly lower than they had been in the mid 90-ies,” — said the expert.

In addition to fake brands are used and other schemes. For example, due to the fact that letters and parcels in Russia are taken by weight and not recalculated by the piece, “Mail” does not account for 20-25% of corporate correspondence, delivering it is actually absolutely free, wrote “Vedomosti” in the summer of 2015. Then “Mail of Russia” has closed the receipt of letters and parcels from corporate customers in prizheleznodorozhnaya post offices in Kazan, Yaroslavl and Paveletsky railway stations, through which passed the bulk of the “gray” of the flow in Moscow. This correspondence was forwarded to the Moscow automated sorting center (ASC) “Mail of Russia” in Podolsk, which is equipped with facilities for counting and franking of items.

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