“Mail of Russia” initiated the first criminal case against the “gray” mail

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“Mail of Russia” initiated the criminal cases against the “gray” of postmen. In 2016, the operator lost on the unposted correspondence of RUB 3 bn. to Catch such intruders is difficult to recognize in the “Mail of Russia”

“Mail of Russia” has revealed a fraudulent scheme with the use of the “gray” mail, which, according to preliminary estimates, the state suffered damage at 200 million rubles, said RBC representative of the postal operator. The audit Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs on city district Khimki opened two criminal proceedings against unknown persons (a copy of the orders is at the RBC) under article 165 of the criminal code on the fact of “causing property damage by deception or abuse of trust”.

“Fraud in especially large size are suspected representatives of two commercial companies (OOO “Argument” PI “Yakimova T. V.”) and responsible officials of the post office and post office”, — told RBC in the press service of “Mail of Russia”. According to the interlocutor of RBC in the postal operator, the employees of these legal entities “colluded with employees of a liaison office and post office every day and handed over for forwarding and delivery of postal correspondence, the number of which is four times superior to paid [corporate clients] volumes.” Victims from fraud are banks, financial institutions and other large organizations whose mail was removed from the delivery network as unpaid.

At the same time the “Mail of Russia” has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow two claims — FE “Yakimova T. V.” and LLC “Argument”, demanding to collect from them material damage. These companies are intermediaries between dozens of small firms and “Mail of Russia” and offer services for sending letters of advertising and informational nature.

According to the interlocutor of RBC in the “Mail of Russia”, it is the first major criminal case against the “gray” postmen, to bring these cases to court is very difficult. Previously, the operator initiated the institution of a number of administrative matters. Since 1997, the production of counterfeit stamps is not a criminal offense. For it is provided only administrative responsibility with penalty of a fine for citizens to 2 thousand rubles for organizations — up to 40 thousand.

Fake mail

“Mail of Russia” started to deal with gray mail in the second half of 2015. The turnover of unrecorded mail, according to the operator, at that time, exceeded a third of the total annual volume of shipments, reaching 342 million letters. In the spring of 2016 Deputy General Director of “Mail of Russia” in the mail business Inessa Galaktionova has estimated the damage incurred by the operator in the “gray” mail, within five years, more than 28 billion rubles. According to her, more than half of this amount, 18 billion rubles accounted for the damage from illegal use of franking machines, the sending of unpaid letters as part of larger parties.

The most common methods of work, “gray” postmen are fake brands and so-called francs-that is, impressions of franking machines (applied to shipment as Gosznak postage), confirmed RBC representative of “Mail of Russia”. For example, on April 10, one of the capital companies tried to send 550 registered letters to the owners of property using fake signs of postal payment for 47 thousand rubles. To make uncertain the identification of forgeries denomination of 25, 50 and 100 rubles., on top of them scammers deleivery real brand value 1, 3 and 5 rubles.

In addition, the crooks rolled meters of franking machines and conduct fraud reporting — with the weight and volume of emails, their billing and other things. OOO “Argument” and FE “Yakimov”, in particular, forged documents, understating the volume of sent mail, as well as wound counters, franking machines, describes the interlocutor of RBC.

Thus, according to him, 90% of the franking machines are not controlled by the “Mail of Russia” and are third-party organizations that “brings the situation with the monitoring of the validity of prints of stamps out of control”.

To prevent illegal schemes of the postal service and its supervising Ministry of communications has proposed to create in Russia a unified IT system that would allow to control all the franking machine. The corresponding order of Ministry shall enter into force on 1 September 2017. However already by the end of 2016, the volume of “gray” mail has managed to reduce more than doubled, to 154 million items or 18% of all correspondence, stated in the press service of “Mail of Russia”. Among the measures to combat gray mail — reduce points you receive written correspondence from the organizations, the transfer of large customer direct delivery shipments in the sorting centers, the tightening of procedure of the input control, the total conversion of incoming sorting centers correspondence.

At the same time, the President of the National Association of remote trade Alexander Ivanov stressed that the “gray” mail directly involved employees of “Mail of Russia”. “The most common scheme — a man carrying a bag of envelopes and gave one thousand roubles to the employee of mail, which they scattered on the boxes. This is a complex problem. Whip there is nothing to decide,” he says.

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