Mail.Ru Group will sell large volumes of user data

Mail.Ru Group plans make money by selling data about users and the opportunities to interview them. The proposed cohort analysis using big data technologies will enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

About the project Research.Mail.Ru that Russian Internet holding Mail.Ru Group launches on March 16 together with the consulting company EmCo, the partners said at a briefing on Wednesday, March 15.

It is based on the use of big data technologies (i.e. big data Analytics) when applied to arrays of user data for all projects Mail.Ru Group, including “Почта”, “Игры” actually the portal as well as popular social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”.

In Russia total monthly audience of the holding’s projects has 77.7 million active users and a total monthly audience of “Vkontakte” around the world — 90 million users.

Science in the form of a game

Research.Mail.Ru offers research with formed an online panel and using the platform to conduct surveys intended for small and medium businesses.

Online panel is a community of respondents who on a regular and voluntary basis, participate in various surveys and studies (to join, the user will need to use a special internal application). Until the end of 2017, the holding company plans to have the panel up to 1 million people, and by the end of 2018, up to 2.5 million All participants will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about the profession, personal interests, family status etc.

In addition, all users of social networks Mail.Ru will from time to time offer surveys, including in the form of a game (e.g., “Which city suits you best?”). These data also will be analyzed and offered to customers.

The partners are confident that working with big data will allow to segment the audience in full compliance with the interests of the customer. For example, to conduct a study among women from Chelyabinsk at the age of 30 years old with a house cat.

The project will also be integrated into the advertising service Mail.Ru Group, in particular myTarget. Thus, the obtained in the surveys and research results will be used to improve targeting.

Personal impersonal

According to Michael Firulina, Director of research and product development guidelines of “big data” Mail.Ru Group, all data collected will be processed and transmitted to customers only in depersonalized form. As said the EmCo President Anna-Maria Ryklin, it is unprecedented for a global market online marketing research project, because now the audience analysis of the company Facebook or Google spend in their own interests or the interests of their advertisers, but do not propose their results to a third party because the law of Europe and the United States severely restricts the transfer of personal data.

How do you propose to regulate the Russian big data

In November 2016, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that Russia is preparing a draft law regulating the work with “big data user”. It is proposed to define concepts and to develop basic approaches. According to the head of Roskomnadzor, “the large user data” includes practically all information about geolocation, biometrics, and also about user behavior on different sites. “All this is subject to the review of transnational Internet companies and obviously require regulation, as it is now the law “On personal data” — said the head of Roskomnadzor.

In 2015 Facebook with a basis of 1.8 billion users, announced that together with the Analytics firm DataSift will develop a new tool for the collection and processing of data of users of the social network. He will be available to customers who will be able to assess the involvement of users in a particular ad campaign based on posts, likes, reposts, and other activities.

Mail.Ru EmCo Group and expect to take 10-15% of the online research market in Russia over the next three years. According to the Association of research companies Esomar, the global online research market is estimated at $13.7 billion (31% of the total market surveys), the Russian — $29.2 million (17%), said Ryklin. According to the consulting company IDC, the global big data market by 2020 will be about $203 billion, compared to $130,1 billion in 2016.

As noted by Daria Romanova, head of Department on work with clients Nestle, for Mail.Ru Group the new project will allow to monetize the possession of a huge array of custom data to customers to improve the efficiency of the Internet. “This tool will give brands a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their media investments, especially in digital. Analytics on the users of social networks will give more opportunities for a narrow targeting in the future. Now research will be enriched with a user profile in the Internet,” she commented.

The main competitor Mail.Ru Group — “Google” — uses the data of its users only for more accurate targeting. In 2014, the company has also established the international direction — Yandex Data Factory to solve the business problems of companies that deal with large data sets.

Mastering big data also do mobile operators with the subscriber base. According to George held, Vice-President for digital development and new business of “VimpelCom”, the company actively uses the data for their own purposes (network planning, the opening of offices, the formation of personal offers, vysokoorganizovannymi sale) and interests of third parties, when statistical data on the number and dynamics of the movement of subscribers of the operator are provided for the optimization of urban infrastructure.

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